Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Thursday, May 21, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Thursday, May 21, 2009: This morning everyone will be in a slightly better mood due to Venus and the moon teaming up in Aries. Partnerships, romances, and finances will flow much more smoothly today they have of late. A hopeful attitude is helpful, however, avoid a tendency to see the world through rose colored glasses. An opportunity to get a reality check from a grounded and practical friend may prove invaluable this afternoon. This afternoon, a burst of energy will help many, especially Aries and Libras, get a lot done at work. This evening, an artistic and imaginative vibe dominates so everyone should indulge their creative side.

Today’s Birthday: Bettys born this day will be on the go non-stop during the year ahead. Communication and transportation are stepped up, and Geminis will be right in their element under this influence. You will enjoy the greatest success this year by entertaining new ideas and taking an unconventional approach. You share your birthday with Fairuza Balk, Notorious B.I.G., and Lisa Edelstein.

Taurus: You have a special ability to get to the bottom of things today. Investigate a perplexing issue that has everyone at work baffled; when you solve a problem everyone will be very impressed with your abilities.

Gemini: An application for funding from a bank or other institution may make major progress today. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched, though, there may still be more roadblocks to overcome before the deal is done.

Cancer: You and your husband, boyfriend, or newest flame could be brought closer by a shared experience. You’ll learn a valuable lesson about life by going through – and overcoming – an unexpected situation regarding finances or investments today.

Leo: You are overwhelmed with the desire to beautify your home or office today. You’ll really enjoy time spent improving and enhancing your immediate environment, which will get you in a great mood and inspire you to work!

Virgo: You are more emotional today that usual, especially when it comes to others questioning your authority or challenging you creatively. Virgos thrive on collaboration, but your nature requires your cohorts accept your leadership in order to satisfy your need to control. If those are your terms, stick to them and don’t let anyone put you down for being you – you need to work with people who don’t judge your natural tendencies.

Libra: A romantic partnership is flourishing lately, and today your innate romantic will emerge in all its glory. Your special someone really appreciates the extra affectionate overtures you’ve bestowed upon him; your efforts are deepening and strengthening the bonds between you.

Scorpio: Your confidence in your professional ability enjoys a major boost today when you receive stellar feedback on a project you recently completed. The influence of the positive people that surround you are doing a lot to restore your own faith in yourself, which vastly increases your ability to achieve and accomplish your goals for the future.

Sagittarius: A friend may really help you out with a job search by introducing you to the right person at just the right time. As a generous Sagittarius, you are usually the one who does all the introductions. Today your positive karma comes back to you! Take advantage of a new opportunity; it most likely could be just the one you have been waiting for.

Capricorn: Career advancement could be a reality today when superiors or professional associates single you out for impressive past performance. As an ambitious Capricorn, any reinforcement on the professional front is a sure way to bolster your confidence and make you happy. However, your humble and somewhat shy nature prevents you from reveling in your successes like others would, which is likewise, well appreciated by colleagues.

Aquarius: Today, when you encounter a problem at work you may need to admit to yourself that it’s one you cannot solve without some help. Aquarians are never afraid to turn to someone for assistance, but you may decide to take a different approach to overcoming a current roadblock. Look into expanding your knowledge by taking an online course or night class at your local college. You thirst for knowledge will be satisfied while you increase your skill set and improve your opportunities for job advancement.

Pisces: Today you should focus on your finances and make a concrete plan for the future. As a Pisces, you often ignore bills and other practical matters that you don’t want to face. Now is the time to face them; you have a certain clarity today that you usually don’t enjoy. Once you face them down, get organized, and delve into the matters, you’ll realize things are not so bad after all!

Aries: You are very attractive and appealing to others today the moon and Venus in Aries. Use your charisma to charm influential professional associates this afternoon; you are simply irresistible today.

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