Your Horoscope: Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, September 24, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Libra: Today you may need to rest! Last night’s – or should I say this morning’s – overindulgence may take its toll today. If possible, stay in bed and rest both your mind and your body. You may be involuntarily awoken by stress this morning; try meditation or stretching to regain emotional composure. Your self-confidence may wane slightly today; try not to fixate on negative thoughts, especially when they reflect and reinforce past self-destructive patterns.

Scorpio: Today you’re feeling very communicative and organized. You may get work out of the way or take care of necessary phone calls in the morning. Early in the afternoon you may face some tensions or power struggles at work. Later this evening, you feel very affectionate and communicative with friends and loved ones. Late tonight your thoughts may turn to beautifying your home or planning one of your favorite pastimes: quality time reaffirming emotional bonds with your family or loved ones.

Sagittarius: This morning begins on a very pleasant note. You may receive some financial assistance from a person in a position of power. Opportunities are presenting themselves left and right, and you could be overwhelmed today. This evening gives you a chance to put things in perspective.

Capricorn: Today gets off to a slow start, which may be frustrating since you have so much to do. Don’t get too agitated; by afternoon the moon enters productive Virgo, which stimulates you mentally and improves your powers of concentration. If you couldn’t accomplish what you had to do this morning, put in a long day and make up for lost time. You’ll have a ton of energy at your disposal tonight.

Aquarius: Today the moon enters intense Scorpio, and your career is front and center. You may feel insecure about your current project; you may be apprehensive about your work being revealed to the world. This morning is the best time for work which requires great energy; you are inspired and able to do a lot in little time. Later in the evening your emotions are given the opportunity to be expressed, and you feel inspired, content, and optimistic by the time you go to sleep.

Pisces: Today you may be extra assertive about your feelings. A romantic relationship may have suffered a bit of tension lately, and your inner feelings need to be expressed. There may be some confusion or a tendency toward false starts today; the moon has difficult aspects all day long. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t quite express how you feel.

Aries: You start the week on an energetic, emotional note, though you may have trouble controlling your temper over financial issues with the moon in Sagittarius. However, you may also feel emotionally in touch with your values and, later in the day, highly sensitive to the emotional life of a partner. This evening, try to adjust your perspective so you don’t become hypersensitive and see emotional insensitivity in a relationship that’s really on solid ground. Use your heightened perceptiveness in a creative way.

Taurus: Today the day begins with the ruler of your Sun sign, Venus, the planet of love and balance, bringing harmony and happiness through positive aspects. Your focus, however, will remain on practical matters. A romantic relationship is important to you, but you realize that in order to be happy, you need professional stability. Around midnight, you may have an illuminating conversation with a loved one concerning your career and goals. Air recriminations tonight; it is an excellent time to say exactly what you feel instead of holding it in. You realize that you may need to sacrifice some leisure and fun in order to adequately focus on your obligations.

Gemini: The moon enters passionate Scorpio this morning, and as a result, all your thoughts take on a very emotional edge. Your focus is on your inner emotions. The end of the week you will find yourself content yet energized. You’ll need to catch up on work later tonight.

Cancer: You may daydream about your loved one at work or, if you are together, you may tend toward over-idealizing the relationship. Tonight you may encounter conflict between your emotional concerns with home and family and the demands of pursuing your career goals. As a sensitive, nurturing Cancer, you’ll no doubt figure out a way to balance your own needs with those of your loved ones — sleep on it and you may wake up with a new solution.

Leo: You wake up feeling cheerful and optimistic, and early in the day innovative ideas may flow freely. This evening marks the start of a time when major changes in your life may move forward, at times in unexpected or unusual ways. You may be inclined to do wild, spontaneous things with your partner! Tonight at home, you could have a brainstorm about how to improve your work or working conditions.

Virgo: You may wake up feeling weighed down by responsibility due to disturbing dreams making you aware of duties and conflicts. You may feel emotionally insecure. However, this afternoon you are inspired to expand your perspective and deal with partnerships in a way that is nurturing, but maintains healthy distance. Tonight you may feel a bit irritable, but you could get a lot of writing or other communication-oriented work done.

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