Your Horoscope: Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your horoscope for Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, September 3, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: This afternoon you’ll be very introspective and reflective about your recent past. It is a good time to make some important decisions concerning the immediate future, especially when it comes to making amends with close friends and family members from whom you are estranged. Your sometimes harsh attitude and abrasive nature has its place, but today let the moon in Pisces bring out your softer, gentler side. You won’t regret it once you are back in touch with someone you truly care about.

Libra: Mercury’s recent entry into your sign has your mind on overdrive, and today is not an exception. You may be quick to anger and a temper flare up is a possibility this afternoon, but use this wave of assertiveness to your advantage by asserting your will when it comes to a disputed issue on which you and your significant other or a family member have been divided. This evening you’ll be able to reconcile and move forward as a united form on a current venture.

Scorpio: You are a creative powerhouse today, Scorpio. With the moon’s entry into Pisces, you’ll be able to make some major progress on an artistic project, such as a book proposal, that you have been working on for weeks, if not months. Mars, your co-ruler, and Mercury make a dynamic aspect this afternoon, giving you the motivation and the determination to forge ahead and force yourself to reach a new level when it comes to a current creative project. If collaborating with a partner, make a concrete plan to get together and work over the weekend; not only will your own mental juices be flowing, the planetary atmosphere is attuned to a meeting of the minds.

Sagittarius: Today is the day to do some creative writing; your artistic powers are heightened by the moon’s entry into Pisces this afternoon. If you are in the middle of a project, such as a short story, novel, or article, this is a great time to make revisions. Late tonight, spend some time with a piece you put down some time ago and revisit it. You’ll only now – after some time away from it – recognize your own ingenuity.

Capricorn: Today the moon enters Pisces and you’ll be more sociable and have a greater sensitivity to the needs and inner desires of those closest to you. This evening you may be presented with an opportunity to make a significant change in your approach to a close relationship with your special someone, a family member, or a very close friend. Take advantage of it.

Aquarius: The moon and Neptune team up in your Sun sign, Aquarius, this afternoon, stimulating your imagination and increasing that mysterious charisma for which you are so well-known (and well-liked). The moon’s entry into Pisces further increases your creative abilities, so this evening is the perfect time for an impromptu meeting with colleagues to discuss a new collaborative project that’s been in the works for some time but that you have had trouble getting off the ground.

Pisces: The moon enters your Sun sign, Pisces, this afternoon, marking your monthly lunar cycle high. This increases your overall self-assurance and enables you to move forward with new and improved plans with confidence and certainty. Expect good luck over the next few days with a hunt for a better-paying (or more fulfilling) job or a recently launched effort to enhance your day-to-day efficiency and productivity.

Aries: You are charismatic and attractive to your friends and acquaintances today, so if you are presented with a last-minute opportunity to attend a social function this evening, take advantage of it. You have been overworking yourself lately (what else is new?) and you could use a break from the routine. Ask a sibling or a trusted friend to baby-sit for you if your significant other wants to accompany you or is unable to cover you – no excuses! Give yourself a night out!

Taurus: You are optimistic about your hopes and plans for the near future, as the moon enters Pisces today. You are also very intuitive when it comes to the feelings of your special someone, so if he is not being as communicative as you would like, don’t default to your usual confrontational style. Instead, try and read into what he’s feeling and base your actions on your psychic impressions. You’ll have plenty of time later to verify that your assumptions were correct.

Gemini: Your career has recently gone into hyper-drive, and today some major moves may need to be made ahead of your timetable. Don’t be pressured into making a decision if you are not ready; use that gift of gab to buy yourself more time if someone is waiting for an answer and you are simply not ready to give it. Think things over tonight, but also talk things through – perhaps with a trusted mentor who has been advising you since the beginning of your career and who has a good perspective on not only your past, but your potential future.

Cancer: Your ruling planet, the moon, makes a move into sensitive Pisces this afternoon, which stimulates your imagination as well as steps up your innate clairvoyant abilities. You will be especially intuitive when it comes to financial matters, particularly when it comes to an important business negotiation if not of your own, that of a close friend or family member. Your advice will be much appreciated – and right on the money – this evening so take the time out to give it to someone who needs it, whether they want it or not. They will thank you later.

Leo: Your perceptions are razor sharp when it comes to an important financial negotiation in which you are currently engaged, and in which you have been for some time. Today some new discovery or realization may accompany the moon’s entry into revealing Pisces, enabling you to uncover some hidden or heretofore unseen asset in your favor which you should exploit in order to make a deal progress more quickly or free up necessary resources so that you will be in a better bargaining position. Whatever you do, do NOT second-guess yourself today or for the next few days. Your gut instinct is right on the money.

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