Your Horoscope: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Leo: The morning may be a bit on the downside as financial responsibilities loom heavily. You may feel under pressure this afternoon, especially if you think that you are not fulfilling your potential, both in terms of your income and your career. Rather than beat yourself up for everything that you haven’t done, focus on the positive. If you simply can’t recognize all your accomplishments then turn to a good friend for his or her perspective this evening.

Virgo: You may be wondering how you may change your career so that you actually can enjoy earning a living. Lately you’ve been feeling completely unfulfilled at your job. You can barely stay focused until lunch hour, much less quitting time. A talk with a romantic partner or a good friend this evening will help you determine how to remedy this situation. Tonight you may realize that you need to focus your attention on building your own business rather than working for someone else in order to be truly happy.

Libra: This morning is excellent for any mental endeavor, as your thinking will be sharp and clear. An important conversation with a business partner will go smoothly this afternoon. You’ll feel more spiritual than usual this evening, so you could decide you’d like to spend some time alone. However, don’t isolate yourself for too long. You’ll really enjoy religious or philosophical discussions with a friend or your special someone; so spend time interacting with others tonight.

Scorpio: Today is a productive day as your energy level is high and you’ll be able to get a lot done. Deal with mundane matters, such as paying the bills and balancing your checkbook this afternoon. Your critical faculties are sharp, so any work that requires concentration and a sharp mental focus is best taken care of this afternoon. This evening you’ll be tired from the hectic day and decide to turn in early. You may experience some prophetic dreams or visions as you sleep tonight; do your best to remember them.

Today a lazy mood causes you to just want to stay home and do whatever you most enjoy. If you must work, you’ll do your best to take care of your responsibilities as quickly as possible this morning so you can get them over with. There’s a confused quality to your perceptions and thoughts this afternoon, so don’t do any work that requires a sharp mental focus. Your best bet this evening would be to socialize with friends or curl up in front of the television with a couple of good movies.

Capricorn: Watch out for a quick bout of moodiness and confusion in the afternoon; especially if you have to work late. Romantic partners are the source of great pleasure this evening, so don’t stay at the office all night! Put some time aside for a special someone after dark tonight; you won’t regret it.

Aquarius: Today you’ll be extra-communicative about your ideas and aspirations. You come across well to others, so present your case to important professional contacts if you need to. This morning is most propitious for group meetings or conferences of any kind; you’ll be a little more bold and daring with what you think and what you say. Your proposals go over well with colleagues and associates this afternoon. Celebrate your professional success by going out to dinner with a group of friends tonight.

Pisces: You have to come down to earth this morning in order to take care of your worldly affairs, as unimportant as they are to you. This afternoon, you’ll finally present an idea to a business partner; you’ve avoided doing so because you feared that he or she would not approve of it. You are extra persuasive this afternoon, so if you need to convince someone of something, now is the time to do it.

Aries: You’ll wake up slightly tired this morning, however, the mood will pick up dramatically once you get out of bed. This afternoon, spend time assessing your work critically; you’ll gain a new perspective from taking an unbiased view of your own creations. This evening, you are able to maintain a healthy balance between your emotional and intellectual concerns; which makes it a perfect time for discussing a touchy subject with a coworker with whom you are collaborating on an important project.

Taurus: There could be some tension between you and a friend this morning. You may find it hard to control your emotions, especially if you are frustrated with the behavior of a loved one. Remind yourself of others’ limitations if you feel your expectations have been disappointed and you are tempted to criticize someone for their shortcomings. This evening, vent pent-up emotions by writing them down in your journal.

Gemini: Today you want some time alone with your intense thoughts, especially if you are feeling down and out. You have a lot on your mind right now, and in order to sort things out you need to be by yourself. This afternoon, brainstorm places that you might be able to visit. You want to go somewhere you’ve never been before; the unfamiliar is more exciting to you. Once you have a vacation to look forward to, all your earlier negativity will disappear.

Cancer: Issues pertaining to travel could be especially prominent this morning on the job. This afternoon you may find out that you must take a long-distance business trip later in the month. This evening you’ll want to enjoy the security and comfort of your home and loved ones rather than socializing with friends. Romance thrives this evening, so spend time with your spouse or lover – it’s sure to be exciting and enjoyable.

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