Your Horoscope: Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, August 4, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Aries: Today the moon enters Aquarius and turns your attention towards your friends, social networks, as well as your aspirations for the future. You are very motivated when it comes to an artistic or creative project, especially a collaborative effort. Mercury and Pluto’s positive aspect this afternoon enables you to help feuding factions in a group settle their differences so you can all make forward progress.

Taurus: Today the moon enters Aquarius, making it an auspicious time to initiate projects that are geared toward bringing benefits at a later time in your life. This is one of the most favorable of influences– not only for the potential success of your efforts but because they are likely to be meaningful, long-lasting accomplishments.

Gemini: Today you may find just the piece of information you need to make an important decision. You should not have to go very far to seek information you need at this time because everything is likely to be found in your own neighborhood. Plans, designs, mechanical projects, as well as the purchase of mechanical equipment, from cars to typewriters, is favored this afternoon.

Cancer: Today disagreement, conflict, and turmoil, may put you in a bad mood. Organizing your own opinions and ideas may not be an easy task this afternoon. Trying to present your thoughts to others may be difficult because everyone is confused. Be extra clear when communicating an important idea or making a presentation at work.

Leo: Self-esteem and willpower prompt you to express yourself creatively today. You strongly identify with ideas that provide a more aggressive or a more dramatic forum in which you can express yourself. The increased self-focus of intellectual endeavors and self-expression you experience today can inspire you to reach higher levels of imagination and originality when it comes to artistic endeavors.

Virgo: Today lucky and unexpected opportunities may come to you through helping someone less fortunate than yourself. The moon in Aquarius brings out the humanitarian in you. Working on artistic project, such as photography, painting, or writing is favored this afternoon.

Libra: Today you may find yourself mystified by or strangely attracted to people or things of great beauty. Take advantage of opportunities that encourage your imagination. Allow yourself to be inspired, or take advantage of a chance to be inspiring to others. Socializing is especially fun and exciting tonight as the moon transits Aquarius.

Scorpio: Keep a low and cautious profile today. Beware that the potential is high for making unwise decisions and taking equally unwise actions. People you encounter may misunderstand you or your actions; so take the time to be extremely clear about any important communications you must make today.

Sagittarius: More animated and action-oriented today, you may be motivated to initiate new projects or act on things you’ve been talking or thinking about for some time. You should have enthusiasm for most things, and in turn, the physical vitality and interest you exhibit will attract and inspire others. Much can be accomplished this afternoon; so don’t procrastinate.

Capricorn: There’s no telling what good thing can happen this fortunate influence. Try your luck at the horse races and other sporting events or with lottery tickets. You could be the winner in a beauty or photography contest or emerge the favorite in a theater audition. Artistic and musical endeavors are successful. This is also a time when you are likely to receive the recognition or success you deserve for your efforts in writing, publishing, advertising, higher education, politics, religion, direct-mail promotions, long distance travel, dealing with those of another race or culture, and foreign languages. You are favored in court decisions and other judgments.

Aquarius: Today the moon is in your Sun sign, Aquarius. Don’t try to read between the lines when there is really nothing to find. Don’t waste time looking for hidden motives in what others are doing; their actions may be perfectly innocent. You tend to become too intense or place too much importance on what in reality may be a relatively innocuous idea or piece of information.

Pisces: Today, seek advice and ideas on how to improve your social life from a trusted friend. You should make an effort to enhance your appearance or redecorate your home environment. Discussing common goals with your partner or family may be on the agenda this afternoon and evening.

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