Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook, Tuesday, July 14, 2009: Today the Sun and Mercury join up and make everyone more communicative and talkative than usual. You may decide to write a letter or e-mail that you’ve been putting off for some time. The moon continues to transit Aries, which emphasizes physical activity, male energies, and getting in touch with our personal desires.

Today’s Birthday: Bettys born this day are more outgoing and social than usual. Cancers are usually on the shy side, but the next year you’ll be more eager to let others know what you want and go after your goals than ever before. You share your birthday with Matthew Fox, Jane Lynch, Phoebe Snow and Harry Stanton.

Aries: This morning your innermost feelings about a romance will be illuminated. You may decide to keep your feelings to yourself, although discussing them with your special someone could be just what you need. This evening, your honey may express that he or she is feeling neglected by your self-absorption. Be sympathetic and sensitive to your partner’s emotional needs, but don’t make promises that you cannot keep.

Taurus: This morning you’ll focus on practical details, especially those related to finances and material concerns. You’ll be especially cheerful and affectionate all day, and your romantic partner is the focus of your warmth and love. Don’t fall victim to wishful thinking or delusions about your relationship; though, take a hard look at it and come to terms with what it is this evening. Have a heart-to-heart talk about the nature of our union with your special someone tonight so that you both may feel totally secure in your relationship.

Gemini: You’ll feel self-indulgent and generous this morning, so do something you enjoy. An activity which stimulates your aesthetic senses, such as attending the latest art exhibit or enjoying some live music, would be most appropriate to your mood this evening. However, someone, most likely a romantic tie, may try to force you to give in to his or her demands about what to do or who to see. Tension and hostility could arise if this is the case and you may decide to go out on your own rather than do something you do not want to. You may just be the best company for yourself tonight.

Cancer: This morning you may discover a new approach to solve some problem, and be able to accomplish many work-related objectives by evening. Despite our success on the job today, you may nonetheless be preoccupied tonight. As a sensitive and emotional Cancer, your feelings always demand your immediate attention. A heart-to-heart talk with a romantic interest or close friend tonight could help you sort through some difficult emotions you’ve been grappling with. However, you may also decide to go away on a short trip, or even a long vacation, for some time alone to contemplate your deepest thoughts.

Leo: You’ll arise in a good mood today. You feel balanced and confident. You’ll be especially productive with work this afternoon, especially if you are working with others. You’re able to focus completely on your practical affairs, especially work and money, this afternoon. Your energy is almost completely spent by tonight, however, so you may need to cancel your evening plans.

Virgo: Don’t be overly critical of others, especially anyone you are involved with financially, this evening. Joint resources and money in general are likely to be the cause of tension this afternoon. Don’t dwell on past mistakes; there is nothing you can do to change the past so don’t waste your time with regrets. This evening, go out and socialize with friends; even if you think you shouldn’t – you’ll get your mind off more serious issues and lighten your mood.

Libra: The day starts off on a pleasant note; your significant other may surprise you with some token of affection, like breakfast in bed, this morning. The late afternoon could find you engaged in a heated discussion, however you’ll enjoy the argumentative mood since you have very definite ideas and opinions which you like to share with people you respect. Spend time with either your special someone or a close friend tonight.

Scorpio: Today is an active and busy day, especially around the house. You’ll be very communicative, especially with family members or people with whom you live. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to say to a lover or an important friend but haven’t had the nerve, today is the day to get it off your chest. You’ll feel much better once you vent you feelings.

Sagittarius: Today you are more creatively inspired than you have been in months. You have innovative, if not revolutionary, ideas about your current artistic work. If you are collaborating with a friend or colleague on a daring project, you should discuss your concepts with him or her. Brainstorming with another free-thinking individual will help you put your ideas in perspective as well as inspire you to take new directions. This evening, get together with your colleagues and toss some ideas around – you’ll have a great time as well as come away completely inspired.

Capricorn: Today everyone is expressive, outgoing, and energetic. You’ll be in a great mood, although you may keep your emotions more internalized than others. Take some alone time if you need it this afternoon. It may be difficult for you to find peace and quiet, especially this evening, as surprise visitors or random phone calls intrude on your privacy. Definitely get out of the house tonight; you may meet someone attractive and interesting while out socializing with friends.

Aquarius: A difference of opinion between you and your significant other may escalate into a massive argument this morning. Repressed tensions between the two of you are being vented indirectly through minor disputes, which is simply masking underlying problems in your relationship that you must address. Tonight is an excellent time to sit down and talk to each other. You’ll be able to work things out — as long as you are both willing to listen.

Pisces: Today you’ll focus on your ideals, dreams, and hopes for the future. You’ll need to function in a somewhat restrictive or rigid structure today, which may not be especially productive for your particular Piscean sensibility. However, if you simply get down to business and complete the necessary tasks this afternoon, you’ll be relieved of most of your stress by nightfall.

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