Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, July 21, 2009: Today there are a lot of powerful planetary transits that guarantee a high-energy day full of activity and progress. First, Venus and Saturn make a positive aspect, which enhances all matters related to finances, real estate, and domestic harmony. Later, Mars and Saturn make a positive aspect, enabling everyone to make progress with business affairs, as well as summons the necessary energy and motivation to get things done. The moon enters Cancer this evening, which brings the focus to the homes, emotions, maternal issues, and the domicile. When making decisions everyone should trust their intuition.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will be able to make constructive changes in their home life that will enable them to make all their dreams come true. Working from home or starting your own business could be a possibility in the year ahead. You share your birthday with Josh Hartnett, Jon Lovitz and Robin Williams.

Cancer: Today the moon enters your Sun sign, Cancer, which indicates a three-day power cycle during which you will be able to put yourself and your needs first. Get ready, because there is an eclipse in your Sun sign tomorrow, and you could start feeling the effects today. This indicates that you will be able to detach from your emotions and make rational, logical decisions (something you often have trouble doing). In addition, you’ll make the decision to help family members who are in dire need of your assistance.

Leo: You have been on the go for weeks now, and if you don’t take a rest you could really burn yourself out. Today, finances are accented nicely when you receive word that you are due an unexpected sum of money out of the blue. You have the support of loved ones when you need it the most; don’t be too proud to ask for help if you need it. The moon in Cancer may make you moody this evening; some time spent alone in rest and relaxation may be the best idea for tonight.

Virgo: You are social butterfly lately, Virgo, and today is no exception. You may make plans to travel for work or for pleasure. Don’t shirk responsibilities in favor of fun or you could find yourself in a difficult position in a few months. The moon’s entry into Cancer this evening guarantees that you’ll be able to access your inner emotions and articulate them to a loved one, such as your significant other, with clarity.

Libra: Today you have the ability to communicate with ease and clarity, especially at work. If you are looking for work, today is the perfect day to update your resume or write some cover letters. You may receive unexpected help from a family member or close friend in finding a new job or in career advancement. The moon in Cancer guarantees that the next three days will be crucial when it comes to professional ambitions, so be prepared for an interview out of the blue, an unexpected promotion or job offer, or simply increased responsibilities at work.

Scorpio: You are lucky enough to have great friends and colleagues who respect and admire you, and one of them may land you a new job or help you advance your current position. The moon in Cancer increases your innate psychic sensitivities, so pay attention to those little premonitions you get today, especially as the moon prepares to be new tomorrow (which is a time of increased clairvoyance and psychic energy). Be prepared for a call from a prospective employer about a job in the next few days – that means, get your interview outfit picked out. Stay focused on your goals, and maintain a clear and focused mind. Be positive and optimistic, you may be worried about your career right now but things are going to pick up and change for the better so quickly your head may be spinning this time next week.

Sagittarius: You partner has been a huge support to you as you have been dealing with a lot of curve balls lately. However, he may have some issues of his own to deal with this week, so prepare yourself to get on your own two feet. Venus and Mars positively aspecting Saturn should give you a great boost of energy and the ability to deal with whatever comes your way this evening.

Capricorn: Today you’ll be able to devote your full attention to important business and financial matters you’ve been putting off or haven’t had the time or energy to deal with for weeks. This will be a huge relief as you may finally be able to deal with personal issues once you resolve this pending financial matter. This evening, the moon enters Cancer, which indicates that your special someone wants to spend some time with you. Make a quiet dinner for just the two of you and spend some time catching up with your significant other; he deserves a little attention.

Aquarius: Work, work, and more work is what’s on your agenda, Aquarius and today is no exception. You are a powerhouse on the job today and you’ll really impress colleagues and co-workers with your ability to have grace under fire and your outstanding problem-solving abilities. This evening, as the moon enters Cancer, you may be tempted to bring your work home with you but instead, spend some time with the children in your life or your significant other instead.

Pisces: You will be extremely psychic today and for the next few days. Don’t ignore that little voice in your head, with the moon entering Cancer today. It’s apt to be more accurate than usual. You have great luck when it comes to money this week, so review your financial situation if you have been having difficulties making ends meet or you simply want to shore up your financial security.

Aries: Today you can get a lot done if you maintain your energy and focus. Take the time out to discuss an issue or problem, especially related to finances, with a financial advisor.

Taurus: Today is a red-letter day for you, Taurus, as Venus and Mars in your sign make supportive aspects to Saturn. This indicates that you can make things happen when it comes to financial plans and household tasks. This evening, you may want to speak to an advisor for sound advice about a new venture you plan to get off the ground.

Gemini: Today the moon moves into Cancer, and your focus is on your finances. Most Geminis aren’t necessarily compulsive savers, but your focus these days is more on figuring out ways to save money by making the right decision. Research and advice will help you figure out your best approach to money matters, so consult a trusted advisor for assistance if you need to.

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