Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, July 7, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, July 7, 2009: There is a full moon in Capricorn early this morning as well as a lunar eclipse, which brings matters related to the home and family as well as professional ambitions to a head. During an eclipse, people are able to separate their emotions from their rational thoughts. If your career is in the way of your personal life – or vice versa – now is the time to set things straight. Everyone will be able to access reserves of energy and power to make changes that they didn’t even know they had.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will be forced to choose between professional advancement and home and family this year. If you play your cards right, you will be able to strike a balance between the two spheres of your life so that you do not have to sacrifice your career ambitions for the sake of your domestic harmony. Think outside the box to come up with a innovative solution that will enable you to both pursue your career goals while fulfilling your responsibilities to your home and family. You share your birthday with Michelle Kwan, Ringo Starr, Shelley Duvall.

Aries: There is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn this morning, inspiring you to make new beginning and set fresh personal goals for yourself. Today is a very pleasant day, with important developments in a romantic partnership. The mood is gregarious and optimistic, and you’ll enjoy the company of friends and family immensely. This afternoon, you may be content with the balance you’ve achieved between your desire to experiment and the structures imposed from the external world.

Taurus: There is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn this morning, and your mental focus shifts toward your inner consciousness and your deep, innermost feelings. A romantic relationship may have a profound effect on they way you see yourself. Your spiritual side is awakened today. You realize that recent change in your perspective may be causing you to question your entire philosophy on life.

Gemini: This day may start out on a stressful note as there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn this morning, which spotlights your career goals and ambitions. You may be slightly oversensitive to real or perceived criticism from authority figures. Tonight socializing with friends distracts you from your preoccupation with your career. Be careful, though, you may have a tendency to speak before thinking and inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings.

Cancer: There is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn this morning and your mental faculties are excellent today. You are very organized about your work and can get many different things done on a daily basis for the next few weeks. Mid-morning you’ll be infused with additional energy to get tasks out of the way early. You may be insensitive to others’ at this time, though, so try not to be overly critical. Tonight you are optimistic and hopeful.

Leo: There is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn this morning and today you’ll be creatively inspired. You are able to express yourself to others easily now, especially through indirect means such as music, art, or writing. However, you might just crave too much attention at this time and as a result seem insensitive to the needs of others. Mid-morning you’ll be full of energy that you’ll most likely channel into creative activities. Tonight you’ll feel generous and optimistic.

Virgo: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and partnerships are nicely accented. You are more emotional than usual, and this evening where is a tendency to fly off the handle. This afternoon you may experience some conflict between what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Go with your intuition. Late tonight, emotions are especially volatile.

Libra: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and much of your day may be taken up by routine tasks and responsibilities. You may be called upon to provide some emotional support to co-workers — you are very sensitive to others today. Tonight you may have a tendency to be irritable or emotionally volatile, which will pass quickly if you take some time to be by yourself and perhaps put your feelings into some form of creative expression.

Scorpio: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your focus turns toward your finances. You might enter into some negotiations today concerning your business. You receive a nice boost of energy mid-morning, and you are inspired to get things taken care of. Tonight your outlook is positive and optimistic.

Sagittarius: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and you are able to express yourself better than ever. You are able to be objective today and it is an excellent time for any negotiations. You are energetic and inspired this morning, although your focus may jump around and therefore be confusing to others. Work is your number one priority today, and although you won’t settle on one task for very long, you’ll be able to do a little bit of everything this afternoon. Tonight you’ll be extremely positive and generous to friends and relatives.

Capricorn: This morning there is a lunar eclipse in your Sun sign, Capricorn, and your thoughts center around your innermost motivations and deepest emotions. You strongly desire peace and quiet now, and you may withdraw from the hectic daily activities to be alone with your thoughts. You’re more in touch with the hidden side of your personality, and you should express what you’re feeling to loved ones. Tonight you’ll feel hopeful and optimistic, and your good cheer is bound to positively affect everyone around you.

Aquarius: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your attention will turn toward your goals and expectations in life. This is a period on increased social interaction and conversation with groups of friends. Talk things over with others; different perspectives are extremely helpful for you at this time. New discoveries and different people can introduce you to fresh ideas. Tonight you’ll be hopeful and optimistic about the future.

Pisces: Today there is a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and your career is on your mind. Now is a good time to make plans to further your professional aspirations. Communications on the job may become more important at this time. You may meet new people through your job that can help you achieve your goals. New discoveries and innovative ideas may pop up for the next few weeks as well – so be prepared for some excitement and a change of the routine. Tonight your imagination is pleasantly stimulated.

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