Your Horoscope: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, June 23, 2009: The moon enters Aries this morning, marking a new lunar cycle and energizing and motivating everyone to get on with important tasks. Eccentric, far-out ideas may actually provide a solution to a problem; so thinking outside the box is favored. This evening, a careful reconsideration of hastily made plans is advised. The ability to communicate is heightened this evening, so a flurry of phone calls, text messages, or e-mails may make it difficult to concentrate for everyone.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will finally shed some negative emotions that have been holding you back for some time this year. You’ll make a fresh start, especially when it comes to friendships and your social life. You may even reconcile with a long lost friend that you have really missed for some time. You share your birthday with John Cho, Lauren Metcalf, Malcolm McDowell and Tupac Shakur.

Cancer: Today you’ll balance internal issues and external factors in your career quite well. The energy level is high and you’ll aspire to reach new heights on this inspirational day. The tension will build all afternoon, and by evening an abrupt discharge of energy will bring big changes in your professional life – anything from a complete transformation in power dynamics to a simple change in the seating arrangements.

Leo: This morning you’re full of fiery enthusiasm and energy. You’ll be thinking seriously about close partnerships today, especially romantic ones, although creative projects and work will be your first and foremost priority. Today you can accomplish a lot in the way of work by controlling the aggressive atmosphere to your advantage. The frantic level of activity serves to motivate you to achieve everything you set out to.

Virgo: Today you’ll really be able to straighten things out with a romantic partner. Don’t censor what you have to say this afternoon; the release of any pent up feelings will be exhilarating as well as liberating. You’ll be admired for your ability to express your intense feelings.

Libra: Today recognize what you really want and visualize the future so you can make it real. The evening brings a more mellow vibe as the tension is smoothed over by your ability to live according to your own values and desires and – most importantly – living up to those desires.

Scorpio: Trust your instinct on this emotional day when everyone’s feeling a little more vulnerable than usual. You may be overcome by the desire to invite your most important friends and family over to your place — just so you can tell them how much you love them. You’ll enjoy others’ company immensely, and you’ll be quite communicative about your warm feelings tonight.

Sagittarius: Today a situation climaxes as a sudden stroke of luck completely introduces a new element into your life. Expect the unexpected — virtually anything can happen today. Revolutionary ideas and original thought are accented this evening. Enjoy the absolutely positive and delightful events that are either happening or about to happen in your life and remember to have an open mind. It is the strange and unusual that will really be the big payoff now.

Capricorn: There is an element of aggression in the air, but you’ll hold your temper and channel that energy into making your practical needs met. You greatly crave material stability and domestic security, and you are willing to work for it. You’ll be busy all day long with daily routine tasks. It’s a frantic, action-filled day and you’ll be happy to get home and rest tonight!

Aquarius: You’ll be doting on a romantic tie all day, or perhaps just fantasizing about a past love. Don’t spend the entire day dawdling over romance, because the energy is high today and you have the ability to really focus on important responsibilities. You suddenly can get a lot accomplished, so go for yours; you’ll enjoy an expanded sense of freedom once you’ve gotten important tasks out of the way. Good planning and inventiveness pay off this evening.

Pisces: This morning you’ll be thinking deeply about your inner emotions. You may also spend some time deconstructing the psychological motivations behind your behavior. This afternoon signals a fresh start in terms of your psychological self. Recognition of your true motivations provides a basis for true transformation. You are willing to look at yourself honestly and as a result, you learn a lot about what is important to you.

Aries: The moon enters your Sun sign, Aries, today, marking the beginning of a three day period during which your confidence soars and you are energized and motivated. You may have wild and imaginative ideas this morning; bounce them off a colleague or co-worker for help fleshing them out. As crazy as a new concept may seem, you may be able – with the input of others – develop it into something quite impressive.

Taurus: You’ll enjoy a very mercurial day at work – ideas exchanged between associates, as well as your own internal ruminations, add up to highly original collaborative possibilities. With your conscientious Taurean influence, you could really make a group effort a success simply by holding the expansion down to earth and ensuring stability and solidity. Bashful Taureans will have to tolerate the limelight as you receive recognition from important and esteemed associates.

Gemini: This morning you’ll feel like having some fun. You do get work done first though, and today you’ll really be able to advance and progress on a project. Take some chances on some strange ideas just to see how they’ll work out. Revolutionize structures in your career with the power of your strong, unbreakable will. Take action to make your dreams real –

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