Your Horoscope: Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, June 30, 3009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, June 30, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, June 30, 2009: Today there will be a lot of communication going on. The phone won’t stop ringing, the Inbox keeps filling up, and your notifications on Facebook will skyrocket. People are seeking companionship and help from others today. Whether you are a person seeking help or the one giving it, it will feel good to have contact with your fellow humans; so don’t isolate yourself.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will be optimistic and positive about their futures with Jupiter figuring largely into your special day. Plans for expansion, either at work or at home, get the green light. Communicate effectively with important people in your life and you’ll have a lot easier time making important changes. You share your birthday with Michael Phelps, Fantasia Barrino, Mike Tyson and Susan Hayward.

Cancer: Today you’ll need to confront your inner feelings about the most important relationships in your life. Your feelings are more intense than usual, even for an emotional Cancer, and you’ll be compelled to express them verbally as well as physically at this time. Tonight you may realize that love relationships serve to bring to the surface not only your feelings about your partner, but also how you feel about yourself.

Leo: The day may start off with an argument with a romantic partner. Be careful not to be a victim of deception, either from a loved one or from yourself. It is important that you face the facts today. This evening you’ll want to socialize and have a good time to forget about the problems at home. Tension will be resolved tonight only if you take the time out to talk to your significant other — and perhaps sacrifice previous social obligations.

Virgo: You’ll be distracted and out of sorts all day long, which is highly unlikely for you usually focused Virgos. Do something different or out of the ordinary for a change of pace this evening. Socializing at home is a nice outlet for your generous and benevolent mood; you are an impeccable host and everyone loves to be entertained by you! Just be careful that you don’t overindulge in food and drink — you’ll regret it in the morning!

Libra: Domestic peace and tranquility will bring you the most happiness today. The warmth of family living is very special to you. You are amiable and pleasant, and enjoy the company of loved ones. You’ll want your home to be as comfortable as possible, and you could be inspired to do some redecorating this afternoon and evening. You may become quite emotional tonight when you recognize the powerful effect you have on a romantic partner just by expressing how deeply you care about him or her.

Scorpio: This morning some slight tension prompts you to desire change. You are extremely powerful and effective today. You are motivated beyond belief to make your dreams and wishes for the future come true. Buckle down this afternoon and set things straight – on the job or in your personal life. You’ll be disciplined tonight and an original idea that will easily solve a difficult problem you’re currently facing may come to you out of the blue.

Sagittarius: This morning can be stressful, particularly for your romantic relationships. A confrontation with a loved one may get you down. Try to avoid self-deception and don’t hide your true feelings with a false front of happiness and contentment. This afternoon, your mood is lightened. Tonight, your Sagittarian love of travel prompts you to think about faraway places. Propose a vacation — even just a weekend away — to your significant other. Getting away from the everyday routine will make it easier to work your problems out.

Capricorn: Today you’ll be deep in thought all morning. It is an excellent day to communicate with others; make phone calls or write letters this afternoon. Your everyday environment is extremely busy all day long but you’ll still manage to get important tasks out of the way. You’ll strive really hard to bring plans down to earth and ground ideals which should serve to make the current project very successful, not to mention stable.

Aquarius: Today is an enormous day for you Aquarius, possibly the best day all year. Completely unexpected strokes of luck for you, especially in all of your relationships, make this a truly memorable day. You’ll be able to grow and expand in any way you please as long as you allow the good vibes to come your way — they’re out there. Revolutionary ideas and a sense of professional anarchy could pay off for you; don’t compromise your vision for anyone.

Pisces: Enjoy the positive and delightful mood today. This morning you’ll be extremely communicative, especially about your affections. Spend the day with loved ones and don’t hold back what you are feeling or thinking. The evening hours are peaceful and your mood is optimistic; spend some quality time with your special someone or a good friend.

Aries: Today you’ll be bursting with energy and excitement. You are so motivated it’s almost unbelievable. Recognize that unusual actions are supported today, so don’t be so overly cautious. Quick decisions, especially about finances, bring great results — trust your first impressions. You’ll be more reckless and daring this afternoon and evening especially in terms of your overall career. But taking risks now can pay off big later — just choose what you risk carefully.

Taurus: Today some minor tension may arise when a past conflict with a professional associate, perhaps a superior, resurfaces. It may have to do with your need to move around and be free – in all senses of the word – and how fixed you are about staying that way! You’ll need to stand behind your convictions and direct your energy in a positive way in order to recognize what you really want. Just keep that Taurean temper in check this evening or you could find yourself in some big trouble.

Today things really start to happen, primarily because you are willing to take powerful and decisive action. Powerful associates wield their influence for your benefit. During the morning hours there is an upbeat feeling in the air and the pace is hectic. Professional activity becomes frenetic around noon time, which brings your focus to the practical side of plans.

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