Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 26, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, May 26, 2009: Some could be in an erratic mood due to last night’s Uranus aspect, but most will be emotionally exuberant. A hopeful and optimistic mood pervades the atmosphere, which serves to put almost everyone in a good mood. Artistic self-expression is one manifestation of the upsurge in creative energy brought by Neptune. The moon enters emotional Cancer today as well, which favors activities related to women, the home, the family, and savings and investments.

Today’s birthday: Betty’s born this day will be very in touch with their inner, emotional side for a change. Geminis are usually more intellectually focused, but this year you’ll really indulge your innermost feelings. This could bring you and a romantic interest closer together, or strengthen the bonds of a marriage or committed partnership. You share your birthday with Lenny Kravitz, Pam Grier, and Stevie Nicks.

Gemini: You’ll be most interested in keeping a romance running smoothly today. You could be slightly moody, indecisive or confused this afternoon, especially about how to present yourself to others. You’ll need to communicate how you feel to important people in your life. Don’t hold back what you want to say, you’ll feel much better once you get deep feelings off your chest.

Cancer: The moon is in your Sun sign today, Cancer, which gives you usually shy crabs the impulse to come out of your shell and socialize with others. Lately, your curiosity has prompted you to become interested in some esoteric or unusual subject, such as ancient cultures or astronomy, and joining a group may be a great pastime and also the perfect place to meet new people.

Leo: This morning you may feel like slowing down your usually active lifestyle to take a little time for rest. Midday you feel capable of disciplining yourself to focus and get work done; you have a lot of mental energy at your disposal. By the day’s end, however, you’ll feel totally drained from work.

Virgo: This morning is an excellent time for serious thinking, especially about your emotional security. Your ability to concentrate is heightened and your critical faculties sharp; the afternoon is a good time for studying or reading difficult material. You are inspired by new perspectives and ideas and desire a change from the routine.

Libra: Your focus is on how you can advance professionally today. You might turn to a professional for some advice on how to make a career change or increase your chances of promotion at work. This evening, take some time to do some research on career matters from the comfort of your own home.

Scorpio: This morning is an excellent time to do some serious planning for the future. You may need to reorganize your schedule according to your changing needs. A fresh solution to an old problem will vastly improve your efficiency. The afternoon is pleasant and you’re able to identify your goals, both short and long-term, accurately, which helps you organize your priorities.

Sagittarius: Today your mind will be on partnerships and how you can please a loved one. This afternoon you are able to get things done with ease; spend the evening enjoying the company of loved ones. Tonight you might experience some difficulty communicating what you are thinking, especially to a romantic partner.

Capricorn: This morning you’re irritable and grouchy. You’ll throw yourself into your work this afternoon simply to get your mind off your problems. However, unforeseen problems may arise at work, which could further irritate you. This evening, spend some time having fun with the children in your life; they will surely brighten your mood.

Aquarius: This morning you are driven about making a relationship or career dream a reality. You realize that you often don’t give yourself enough credit for all your accomplishments; don’t be afraid to accept yourself for the winner you actually are. You’re feeling very emotionally attuned to others, and you may put a lot of energy into working on your relationships.

Pisces: You may feel excessively indulgent today. Your thoughts may center around your hopes and aspirations for the future; optimistic daydreams pass the hours away. This afternoon you are eager to spend time with loved ones. Tonight your focus is on leisure and relaxation.

Aries: You are on the verge of settling a conflict that has been eating at you for some time. Your ability to make peace is uncanny. Use it or loose it. The afternoon will consist of a series of small surprises. You may bump into an old flame. Ask him if he would like to snag some lunch, you will both enjoy a bit of healthy flirting. Spend the evening with a close friend planning that special trip. It will be a gas.

Taurus: Today you stand behind your convictions when negotiating plans for the future with a partner or family member. Direct your energy in a positive way and communicate what you really want. You may be a bit emotional tonight as you begin to process recent powerful realizations you’ve experienced lately and their consequences.

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