Your Horoscope: Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Wednesday, August 5, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, August 5, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Aries: Your desire to firm up your affairs are manifested in your seriously disciplined approach to your work this morning. Your eager attitude helps get chores and tasks done quickly. This evening, you’ll feel expansive and upbeat. Spend some time with children this evening; their playfulness will be contagious.

Taurus: Work with others and proceed with your duties warp speed ahead this morning. A team effort is best — especially when it comes to any domestic work. Definitely do not stay indoors today, you need to go out and have some new experiences. Perhaps getting together with a bunch of people for an impromptu picnic in the park might be fun. Social interaction is easy and plans should run smoothly this evening so enjoy yourself!

Gemini: You’ll want to focus on just doing your work, especially chores around the house, this morning. Try to communicate with clarity; there is a possibility that some miscommunication, perhaps with a one-on-one partner, could occur this afternoon. A family gathering will be joyful and heartwarming tonight.

Cancer: This morning you may be confused and unable to focus on the tasks at hand, especially during the very early hours. Wait until later in the day to focus on anything that requires your concentration. Tonight the warmth that exists between you and your partner improves your individual emotional well being very strongly.

Leo: A relationship, especially a romantic one, may become more solid this evening. You feel very good about the state of your current love relationship. Late tonight you’ll appreciate that your hopes and dreams for the future are actually helped and supported by your partner. Let him or her know how much you appreciate the emotional support.

Virgo: The morning time is simply blissful. Try to arise early, even if just to lie in bed with your special someone, the energy is absolutely lovely. Today is a good day for doing something different, something that expands your consciousness somehow. Later in the evening beware, though, you may have to deal with some power struggles with a friend or family member that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Try not to let the inconsiderate actions of others affect you too intensely.

Libra: Today’s influences ensure that you can make your dreams come true in the days ahead, as long as you ground them in reality and practicality. You may even have a creative revelation this morning. This afternoon, and especially tonight, is an excellent ti
me to paint, draw, write; basically to do anything that enables you to express your artistic side. You are able to explore the depths of your soul this evening, either through creativity or communication.

Scorpio: The day begins on a pleasant and harmonious note as your self-esteem is boosted and you’re filled with confidence and energy. You feel satisfied with your accomplishments of the week and are ready for some rest and relaxation. You might be feeling indulgent this evening, spend time with loved ones having a good time tonight.

Sagittarius: Today, you need to finally deal with inner emotions that you have been repressing. You may feel frustrated by your inability to communicate what you are feeling with loved ones. This evening, you are finally able to say what’s on your mind. As you vent difficult feelings tonight, you experience a kind of spiritual reawakening.

Capricorn: Today your emotions are boosted by a partner’s support. You are more concerned with the affairs of others rather than with your internal emotions. You’ll expend much energy attempting to improve your current relationships. The evening will most likely be active socially. Be aware of the indulgent atmosphere tonight; you may overindulge in food or spirits this evening.

Aquarius: You have the urge to spend time with friends today, even though you are under pressure to take care of duties and responsibilities. You’ll re-organize yourself at the job, and will be quite pleased to discover that you’re actually ahead of schedule, not behind as you thought earlier. You are cheerful and happy; others enjoy your company tonight. Your intense intellect is your most attractive and appealing characteristic.

Pisces: Early this morning, the unexpected could happen in a romantic or business partnership; you may feel conflict between your relationship needs and your career goals, especially if you’re suddenly dealing with a new job position that requires your constant attention. Late tonight, you may have a chance to open up and grow emotionally through a romance. Take advantage of this opportunity; the more of yourself you give to a relationship the deeper the bond between you will grow.

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