Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 1, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, July 1, 2009: Today Uranus goes retrograde, which could signal all kinds of electronic and technological problems. You Internet connection may go down, your computer could break down, or your cell phone may not get reception – so be prepared for hang-ups and delays. The moon also enters secretive and sultry Scorpio, so many will be in an amorous mood. Take time out this evening for one-on-one time with your special someone.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day may experience some delays with a group collaboration they have been working on for some time, and may have difficulty making progress. Effective communication with colleagues will ensure you minimize the negative effects of technological disruptions that make it difficult to wrap up a project on time. You share your birthday with Liv Tyler, Missy Elliot, Princess Diana, and Pamela Anderson.

Cancer: A pessimistic attitude won’t help you today. You should take some time out to congratulate yourself on everything you’ve managed to accomplish thus far instead of beating yourself up for everything you haven’t been able to do. You’ll have an increased sense of adventure and a desire for leisure and fun this evening, so get out of the house, as uncomfortable as that may be for you home-loving Cancerians, and go out and experience something new!

Leo: Today you’ll learn a lot about how you relate to the important people in your life, especially romantic partners. Today favors confrontation with a significant other, in the positive sense of the word. You’ll only be able to truly rectify the situation by facing the problems head on. Through an honest assessment of the meaningfulness of a sexual relationship it can grow and evolve into something even more special.

Virgo: While as a Virgo nothing makes you happier than making loved ones happy, now it’s time you do something for yourself. Today you’ll need to examine your priorities as well as short and long term goals. Examine your inner values and motivations tonight so that you can live according to your true feelings.

Libra: This morning you’ll find it easy to express affection for important loved ones. This afternoon you’ll be able to think and communicate more clearly and effectively than you have in weeks. This will energize you and inspire you to not only think seriously about your deepest emotions but also share those thoughts with the important people in your life.

Scorpio: Today will be a busy day on the social front. This afternoon you may need to contend with some tension among a group of close friends. Be careful not to fall victim to overly negative thoughts about your relationships. Use this afternoon’s energies to evaluate your friendships honestly. Tonight, try and forget about others and think about yourself. Focus on your hopes and dreams for the future with a positive attitude.

Sagittarius: This morning you’ll really be able to impress co-workers and professional associates with your pleasant manner and heightened creativity. Others find you a joy to work with and your ease in dealing with groups of associates ensures the success of a current project. This evening you’ll feel intensely about your hopes and wishes for the future; discuss your goals with your significant other if you are feeling insecure and need support.

Capricorn: This afternoon you’ll be ready to have fun with your work by taking a light-hearted approach. While you treat your career with the utmost seriousness, taking a lighter approach really pays off now. You could benefit in an unusual way from varying your mental approach to projects. Original brainstorms could prove extremely financially lucrative for you, Capricorn, whom we all know likes to have a fat bank account!

Aquarius: You desire the company of friends and family today as your natural outgoing Aquarian nature is heightened by the astrological atmosphere. You’ll be in a pleasant and friendly mood today, so if you have time socialize, go ahead and enjoy yourself. You’ll also be energetic and lively, perhaps a nice workout this afternoon will provide a worthwhile outlet for all that energy. Go to that party tonight, and dress to the nines – you single Aquarians may meet the person of your dreams in the most unlikely of places.

Pisces: This morning may begin on a stressful note. You may disturbed by strange dreams which pertain a little too much to reality for comfort. Shared finances may be a cause for concern and maybe even dissention with a romantic partner or professional associate. Don’t be a victim of deception – especially self-delusion, this evening — open your eyes to the truth and you shall prevail.

Aries: Today you’re ready to sacrifice almost anything for the sake of love. You’ll be focused on important romantic relationships more than ever, which will be extremely gratifying both mentally and emotionally. Your deepest insecurities and fears are raised, as you realize that because of the intensity of your affection, you are vulnerable. You’ll put more faith and trust into your romantic relationship now, which will enable it to transform and evolve.

Taurus: Today is a day of expansion, power and an opportunity to make things real. Your dreams for expansion and growth, you realize, are right around the corner and you are thrilled. You’re ready to assume power – of the most effective sort: Behind the scenes power. Success is yours with a risk-taking approach. Try to be assertive without being aggressive and you’ll be able to further your career interests nicely. Later tonight expect some rich and fulfilling sensual or physical experience.

Gemini: The morning is uneventful and run-of-the-mill. By afternoon, however, things start heating up, and you’ll find yourself reminiscing about a past love or perhaps spending some special time with a current flame. You’ll be warm, generous and desire life’s little luxuries more than anything else today. Late tonight, you’ll desire more social activity than usual. You’ll also be focused on the future and how you can accomplish your wildest dreams.

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