Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 8, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, July 8, 2009: Today the planets beckon us all to strive for balance in all areas of our lives. The morning jolts us into action when responsibilities come calling. Those of us who choose to answer that call will be pleasantly rewarded for her efforts. A hopeful feeling pervades the cosmos this afternoon, perhaps spurring some of us into action despite our desire to continue ignoring a pressing duty we’ve been avoiding. And tonight a creative vibe inspires some to work on their own artistic projects and others to go and enjoy the creative work of others.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will summons the energy to get themselves and their lives completely in order. You need to enlist the help of others in your quest to get a new job or move to a new home. This year you can accomplish everything you set out to if you arm yourself with the right allies and the right tools. You share your birthday with Sophia Bush, Toby Keith, Wolfgang Puck, Anjelica Huston.

Aries: You awake feeling refreshed and positive. The discipline and groundedness of the moon’s conjunction to Saturn helps you curb your natural tendency to use up your energy impulsively, so you’re able to focus and get a lot done this morning. Early in the workday, you could have some innovative, humanitarian ideas about how to reach the public. You get along well with those in power. Tonight, you’ll appreciate time spent with loved ones taking well-deserved relaxation after your high-powered day — or, being the energetic Aries that you are, you might even find it in you to go out on the town.

Taurus: This morning you are ready to be serious and tackle practical matters that are pending. You are able to really work hard today, so take advantage of this energy boost while you can. The afternoon may bring some confusion or problems with communication and you experience minor difficulty concentrating. The evening is relaxed but beware of inflated or unrealistic ideas.

Gemini: This morning the moon enters Aquarius, and you wake up feeling energetic and sociable. You may feel like connecting with friends and co-workers now – luckily the moon’s conjunction to Saturn this morning helps you put the reins on your impulse to chat. Later tonight, though, you could have a great time going out with friends. You have a strong impulse to make your mark in the social sphere — perhaps you decide to do some work for a humanitarian cause.

Cancer: Today your usual Cancerian powers of perception are heightened and you experience heightened sensitivity of a loved one’s innermost feelings. The afternoon is pleasant and you’ll be inclined to spend it at home. This evening is excellent for a quiet romantic dinner for two, although there is the possibility that you might overindulge in food or drink. The Aquarius moon motivates you to dedicate yourself to your career.

Leo: The moon enters Aquarius today and your personal relationships are of the utmost importance. You are able to express your deepest emotions and insecurities to a partner today, which provides you with a sense of release and may serve to relieve anxiety. Late tonight you should think before you speak; you may say something you regret if you aren’t careful.

Virgo: Today the moon enters Aquarius and you’re mind may focus on you’re deepest emotions and true desires. Early this morning you are able to focus and be productive; use this time to finish tasks you’ve been avoiding simply because they annoy you. Around mid-day, powerful emotions surface. Later tonight you’ll communicate your feelings to a loved one.

Libra: This morning the moon enters Aquarius, putting your emotional focus for the day on one-to-one relationships. You may feel the urge to assert your own needs in a partnership, although with your instinctive Libran diplomacy and balance, you’ll be sure to do so in a way that takes the other person’s perspective into account. You feel active and energetic thanks to the Aries energy.

Scorpio: This morning, as the moon enters combative Aquarius, there is a possibility that an argument may arise with a friend, possibly regarding money. Try not to let your intense emotions get the best of you. Today is not an ideal day for getting a lot done; your mind may linger on this morning’s argument all day long. You may need to say what’s really on your mind this evening in order to find some peace of mind.

Sagittarius: Early this morning you are feeling low energy and you just may scratch the normal daily activities. When the moon enters Aquarius, however, mid-morning, you’ll suddenly feel a surge of motivation, especially for attending to sef-expressive or creative work. You’re more in touch with your spiritual side today, so continue yesterday’s self-analysis in order to gain a fuller understanding of yourself.

Capricorn: The moon enters Aquarius this morning which brings your focus inward, and you may be tempted to keep your feelings secret out of insecurity. Your thoughts are clear and lucid and conversation is productive and illuminating. Your imagination is stimulated and intuitive ideas may be formed within groups. Tonight you’re strangely fascinated with obsessive ideas or emotions that you find impossible to express.

Aquarius: Today the moon enters Aquarius and the pace picks up. You are energetic and enthusiastic all day long; you’ll deal with many routine tasks such as running errands in the neighborhood or paying the bills. Pressure may be mounting on the job and your efforts to complete unfinished tasks this afternoon is sure to be very relieving.

Pisces: Today you are able to sense energies in others more keenly than usual; as the moon heightens your innate Piscean intuition. Others may come to you for emotional support or advice. You feel fulfilled in helping others today. The afternoon is pleasant, although you should beware of overindulging in food or drink. Tonight you may experience some slight insecurity about your true feelings.

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