Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, June 10, 2009: Today is a pretty run-of-the-mill day. The early morning is a great time for getting work done, especially tasks that require concentration, effort, and determination. This afternoon, an imaginative and somewhat dreamy mood takes hold and could steer many off course if they aren’t completely focused on their work. It is a good day for artistic and creative endeavors, especially anything to do with music, painting, film, photography, or writing.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will be more imaginative and artistic than they have been in years. This is the perfect time to put a plan in action that has to do with music, painting, or literary pursuits as your ability to express yourself creatively will be heightened. Be completely clear in all communications, you could be caught off-guard when signing a major agreement or contract, so cross your t’s and dot your i’s if you are negotiating a major deal such as a mortgage or the like in the year ahead. You share your birthday with Sasha Obama, Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland and Shane West.

Gemini: Try to recall something that you may have forgotten this morning. There is a good chance that you have overlooked something of major importance. You should also refrain from procrastinating. A task will snowball into something beyond your ability to deal with if you put it off any longer. Solicit the advice of a trusted confidante tonight; another viewpoint will help you see the light.

Cancer: Today is the day to put your fears to bed. You should know by now that you posses an innate toughness that will see you through these difficult times. Once you have dealt with this psychological issue, you will want to kick yourself for all the self-induced anxiety that you have suffered this past year – for nothing.

Leo: A mistake from your past will cause you some embarrassment today. Roll with it and remind yourself that this too shall pass. Only a sibling will afford you the honest opinion that you crave. Ask and you shall receive. Good things will happen this evening. Call a friend tonight for some company and fun; go out and enjoy yourself, even if it is a weeknight – you deserve a break!

Virgo: Try to keep things on the down low today, refrain from any flashy behavior, and avoid the spotlight, at least until this evening. Any failure to do so will meet with some awkward, embarrassing situations. You will find that a lot can be done from the background. Enjoy just being a face in the crowd. Spend some quality time with your honey this evening; he’s been missing you.

Libra: A neighbor or extended family member will make a play for what’s yours. Don’t even sweat this bottom feeder, you can stay large and in charge by keeping the faith. Believe in your honey, he is totally into you. The number seventeen should have some special significance this evening. Your travel plans for this summer are right on; don’t change a thing, even if you have second thoughts tonight.

Scorpio: The thing that you fear most will not occur. Get over yourself, this
obsession has likely caused you to recoil from relationships and procrastinate from your responsibilities. You should recognize this phobia for what it is: Unnecessary negative energy in your life. You will feel as if a weight was lifted from you once this barrier has been overcome.

Sagittarius: Don’t allow an argument or disagreement to form a wedge between you and your best friend. Swallow your pride if you must and squash the whole sorted mess. Friendship is a special commodity on which Sagittarians thrive. Carefully scrutinize the conflicting advice that you may be receiving from opposed forces to discover the answer that you need.

Capricorn: Deal with important matters alone today; friends will prove to be a huge hindrance to your progress. This is the time for solo action; you are up to the task. Consider it an act of passage if you come up against a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and overcome it. You may be on your way to developing a method or discipline that will help you for years to come.

Aquarius: You’re about to settle some conflict or misunderstanding between you and your special someone. Enjoy the bliss that can come from making up or mending fences. You should be aware that your significant other is not the self-assured pillar of strength that he pretends to be and should be handled with special care.

Pisces: You may be feeling a bit down this morning. Get your mind off somber thoughts by planning the family summer vacation. Just planning the trip can be a gas! In the interim, a pool or Jacuzzi may afford some relief, especially when shared with the right company. Get back to nature this evening; seek out someplace quiet and green.

Aries: You may find yourself feeling guilty about a secret that you have been keeping from your mate. Today you’ll summons the necessary courage to come clean. The extra courage will also assist you in any major undertakings at work as well. Just do it! If everyone at the office is wagging their tongues about something you’ve done or worn, keep smiling and take this for the compliment that it is.

Taurus: A near miss that might have had tragic consequences should be taken as a warning. This may be a good time to tone things down a bit. Extreme sports or behavior is only enjoyable if you are alive to enjoy them. Something you crave will soon be yours, but you’ll need to be patient just a bit longer. Let compromise be your m.o. this evening, giving in, even just a little, can spare you incredible strife.

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