Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, June 24, 2009: An imaginative and creative mood dominates today as the Sun and Neptune make contact. Writing, filmmaking, photography, Web design, and all artistic pursuits receive a boost from today’s planetary configuration. This afternoon, people may feel unable to communicate with each other and confusion and misunderstandings could result. Wait until a later date to negotiate contracts or make business deals. Research and investigation yields interesting and important information this evening.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will enjoy career advancement this year, mainly due to your past hard work and dedication. Your ability to compromise and your innate Gemini flexibility enables you to adapt to any situation that arises, which will vastly improve your chances of professional success this year. You share your birthday with Venus Williams, Barry Manilow, and Greg Kinnear.

Cancer: This morning you’ll find it easy to express affection for important loved ones. This afternoon you’ll be able to think and communicate more clearly and effectively than you have in weeks. This will energize you and inspire you to not only think seriously about your deepest emotions but also share those thoughts with the important people in your life.

Leo: Postpone starting any new projects today; however, it’s a great day for wrapping up unfinished important tasks. You have a greater appreciation of beauty and approach your creative work with a deeper sense of awe and wonder. Communicate your emotions of love and warmth as well this evening, which should be easier than usual.

Virgo: While as a Virgo nothing makes you happier than making loved ones happy, now it’s time you do something for yourself. Today you’ll need to examine your priorities as well as short and long-term goals. Examine your inner values and motivations tonight so that you can live according to your true feelings.

Libra: This morning your mind will be stimulated, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. You’ll be thinking a lot about your emotional security, especially this afternoon. This evening could signal a new beginning on the home front. You desire domestic peace and stability more than anything, and you’ll do whatever you can to achieve it.

Scorpio: During the morning hours you’ll feel extremely sensitive and desire the company of loved ones. The comforts of your abode are most desirable to you this afternoon; so stay home if you can. You could have an argument with a sibling or close friend tonight; don’t be insensitive to the emotional hang-ups of a loved ones.

Sagittarius: You are positive and optimistic still and it’s a really good, active day for you fun-loving Sagittarians. You’ll feel more spiritual and philosophical than usual; tap into this for further insight into your own motivations. You desire power and you strive to assert yourself in a positive way to get what you want. You take action today and bring high-floated ideals down to earth.

Capricorn: What’s great about you Capricorns is that you’re willing to work hard for what you want; you always have and you always will. Things don’t always come easy for you; but maybe you’ll get a break this time around for a change. The key is to open your mind and not impose limitations on yourself with an overly cautious or conventional attitude.

Aquarius: You are ready to take advantage of the upbeat and optimistic mood to assert yourself and your desires and needs in a positive way. You’re ready to tap into you natural Aquarian risk-taking sensibility — you sense that acting on hunches can pay off big in the immediate future. You recognize that your best asset right now is your own unique and individual personality.

Pisces: This morning may begin on a stressful note. You may be disturbed by strange dreams which pertain a little too much to reality for comfort. Shared finances may be a cause for concern and maybe even dissention with a romantic partner or professional associate. Don’t be a victim of deception – especially self-delusion, this evening; open your eyes to the truth and you shall prevail.

Aries: Today you’ll be thinking a mile a minute, be sure to record any flashes of brilliance! Your exuberance is held down to earth in a really nice way today, in that you can really make what you want happen in reality and have a nice solid structure.

Taurus: Today the highs of the past week may finally take their toll as a down approaches when a conflict from the past resurfaces, most likely concerning your home life and career which seem to be constantly at odds with each other. You’ll need to learn how to balance responsibilities to your family and to your job more effectively in the near future in order to maintain balance.

Gemini: The morning and afternoon are mellow and pleasant for you. You’ll still be wrapped up in career concerns — try to let it go today and relax! Money and financial issues are valid and relevant, but excessive worrying will get you nowhere. This evening be prepared for a bolt out of the blue to really change the career landscape in quite a revolutionary way.

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