Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, June 3, 2009: This morning many could have weird or even disturbing dreams in the early morning hours. Some may not be able to get out of bed because they just feel tired and fatigued. Individuals with psychic proclivities will enjoy an intensification of their abilities today. An argument over dinner should be avoided at all costs. The moon enters Scorpio late in the night and brings shared resources, transformation and change, as well as sexual energy into the atmosphere.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will make a major effort to be more responsible in general this year. You realize it’s time to grow up and start taking your career and personal life more seriously. The first area to address is your daily routine. Sometimes you Geminis are all over the place; you could benefit from setting up a regular routine and sticking to it. That’s not to stay you can’t still indulge your love for spontaneity, just limit your spur of the moment adventures to a manageable number. You share your birthday with Anderson Cooper, Suzi Quatro, and Allen Ginsberg.

Gemini: You will be a dynamo on the job because your need to establish order is heightened by the moon in Scorpio today. You need to clear the decks and make way for new projects that are on the horizon; today is the perfect day for accomplishing pesky chores and thankless tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Cancer: You have a deepening love for someone special in your life. Whether it your husband of ten years or a romantic interest who you’ve only recently started dating, your appreciation for them and of their uniqueness will get you all gushy today. Exploit that Cancerian talent for cuisine and surprise your special someone with a five star dinner. Even if you are too shy to say how you are feeling, you can still definitely show it!

Leo: Take the time to speak to a trusted confidante, such as the Human Resources Administrator, at work if you‘ve been having problems with a colleague. Whether it is a client from outside the company, a co-worker, or a hired temp – tension on the job stresses you out and severely reduces your ability to shine (like you Leos need to, at all times, if possible!) You have this silly sense that airing your gripes makes you seem weak; to the contrary. You’ll reinforce your confidence by demanding the redress of your grievances, just make sure to present your case clearly and logically when you do.

Virgo: You’ll get some good writing done today, so don’t procrastinate any longer when it comes to catching up on correspondence or finally penning that proposal that’s been dancing around in your head. The moon in Scorpio puts you in an amorous mood tonight.

Libra: You could receive a long-awaited check in the mail or some other payment that has been held up due to problems in the mail or an incorrect zip code or something annoying like that. The moon in Scorpio accents your financial picture, so this evening is the perfect time to balance the checkbook and make an accounting of your finances.

Scorpio: The day begins on a pleasant and harmonious note as your self-esteem is boosted and you’re filled with confidence and energy. The moon enters your Sun sign, Scorpio, this evening, so the day will bring a positive and optimistic mood. Take advantage of your good mood and charming demeanor to ask a favor or a friend; they’ll be likely to give you whatever you ask for today!

Sagittarius: Today, you’ll finally confront inner emotions that you’ve been repressing, quite to your detriment. If you are frustrated by your inability to communicate your feelings, turn to an intermediary for assistance. A trusted friend is one possibility; another is seeking the professional help of a counselor or therapist.

Capricorn: You’ll be fantasizing about your plans for the future today. The moon’s entry into Scorpio gets you thinking of new and exciting ways to make money. Despite the gloom and doom of current economic forces, your innate Capricorn businesswoman knows that there is money to be made – somewhere. And with your Capricorn gift of patience, you’re willing to make long-term investments. Research the possibilities today.

Aquarius: You are making moves on the career front lately, Aquarius, and something you accomplished has gotten you noticed. You enjoy the spotlight, so all the attention won’t bother you one bit! Just be prepared for the annoyances that go along with being in the limelight. Receiving professional accolades should boost your confidence in your own talents; but don’t get a swelled head.

Pisces: You are very susceptible to the feelings of everyone around you today. Your natural psychic side is enhanced by the moon’s entry into Scorpio tonight; it is a good time for deep reflection and meditation. Take some time out for personal self-reflection tonight.

Aries: You are in a more sexual mood than you usually are, Aries, as the moon enters Scorpio. Your mind will be on evening plans all day. Set aside some time for you and your special someone this evening – get a babysitter, ask the roommate to clear out to do whatever you have to do for privacy’s sake – some steamy and wild times could be in store!

Taurus: You and your husband, boyfriend, or life partner may need to sit down and talk about finances today, especially when it comes to shared resources. The moon enters Scorpio today, which enhances your ability to compromise when it comes to financial negotiations. You Taureans can be as stubborn as a bull (hence the constant comparisons) and right now you would benefit from giving a little – you’ll get a lot more than you realize in return.

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