Your Horoscope: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Wednesday, May 27, 2009: Today starts off on a powerful note as Mars pairs up with Jupiter and Neptune early this morning. Although unexpected arguments could arise and hidden hostility could be revealed, there is a positive side to this configuration as well. Many are able to access their inner ambition and motivation and make progress toward a goal, perhaps by enlisting the assistance of friends or associates. Jupiter and Neptune join up in Aquarius later this evening, bringing a confluence of energy between the spiritual and artistic with the expansive and sophisticated. Networks and technology are accented by this influence.

Today’s birthday: Betty’s born this day will be more aggressive and assertive than ever during the year ahead. You’ll go after what you want, and you’ll have the most success getting it if you enlist the help of friends and colleagues that can help you reach your goals. Your optimistic and positive attitude impresses others and attracts them toward you. You share your birthday with Adam Carolla, Joseph Feinnes, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

Gemini: The day may start out on a stressful note if your work is put under the spotlight, causing you to be slightly oversensitive to real or perceived criticism from authority figures. Tonight career-related pressure could cause tension on the home front; watch out for being extra-sensitive to other people’s emotional signals and prone to temper flares.

Cancer: This morning you may have a small argument of disagreement with a business associate. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into a certain point-of-view. You’ll be inspired creatively and prompted to spend time with friends and coworkers; however, you may suffer from lack of concentration. A talk with a romantic partner tonight could clarify your perspective and boost your confidence.

Leo: The early morning guarantees an indulgent mood; but only give in to your whims if you can afford to! Stay home and plan that redecorating you’re dying to get done; your natural aesthetic sense is extra keen right now, especially when it comes to your abode. However, avoid making impulsive or overindulgent purchases, it would be best to consider all your options first and do any shopping next week. You’ll be extremely imaginative and creative all day long, especially this afternoon.

Virgo: Today partnerships are nicely accented. You are more emotional than usual, and there is a tendency for you to fly off the handle. This afternoon you may experience some conflict between what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Go with your intuition. This afternoon is a good time to communicate what you are feeling to a loved one.

Libra: Today much of your day may be taken up by routine tasks and responsibilities. You may be called upon to provide some emotional support to co-workers; you are very sensitive to others today. Tonight you may have a tendency to be irritable or emotionally volatile, which will pass quickly if you just take a few deep breaths and let tension go.

Scorpio: Your Scorpio temper will boil beneath the surface today when a family member pushes all your buttons. You’ll keep the peace for now, but remember, pent-up aggression is not healthy, especially for you volatile Scorpios. Don’t take anger out on co-workers or professional associates. This evening, clean the air by venting your feelings no matter what the consequences.

Sagittarius: You may feel conflicted about a decision that involves leaving your home base and traveling for a while. You Sagittarians love to explore foreign and exotic locales, but you may be leaving someone special behind. If you have second thoughts about taking off right at the start of a budding romance, don’t do it. You will have the chance to take that trip later; a soul mate is hard to come by.

Capricorn: You could have a spat with your siblings or perhaps a neighbor today, over something petty and inconsequential, most likely. Don’t indulge an aggressive opponents desire to go head to hear. Instead, be as sweet as can be and just ignore it. You have too much on your mind right now to be wasting your time on petty conflicts.

Aquarius: Money pressures may get your motor going today and motivate you to do whatever it takes to solve a financial shortfall that you are experiencing. Some unexpected loan, gift, or unexpected check could show up just in time right out of the blue. Your positive attitude has a lot to do with your good luck, so keep it up and more good things are bound to come your way.

Pisces: You have to make an effort to put your desires and needs first for a change, Pisces. You are always sacrificing for others, and now is the time to stop and make your goals a top priority for a change. The happier you are with yourself, the more love and generosity you can offer to loved ones around you.

Aries: Today your imagination will be stimulated, especially when it comes to anything concerning your career. You may fantasize or daydream during the day, and you won’t be able to focus on detail-oriented tasks very well. This evening your thoughts may turn to spiritual or philosophical matters.

Taurus: You feel compassionate and empathic toward your circle of friends and co-workers. You may be slightly over-sensitive toward criticism from peers, however. Tonight your Taurus temper could flare up and you might be emotionally volatile. But this tension fades quickly if you make an effort to see things from others’ perspective.

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