Your Horoscope: Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your horoscope for Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, September 9, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: Today you’re exhilarated, and ready to take charge and get the job done. You have only to give a slight push, and things just naturally seem to fall into place. And if you’re a night owl, you’ll find your mood late tonight to be especially active and productive – just don’t get so caught up in a project that you lose track of time and end up not getting any sleep!

Libra: Even if you don’t lead a secret double life as a CIA agent, you have a few hidden skills up your sleeve just waiting for the right situation to emerge. Today, what could have been a crisis easily turns into a triumph, because you’re prepared with these tricks—and you have a detailed knowledge of what’s really happening behind the scenes. Accolades embarrass you, but accept at least a little lavish praise.

Scorpio: Early in the day, your significant other or dearest friend gives you just the (metaphorical!) kick in the behind you need to motivate toward great things. Seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who’s proud of you sparks your rive to succeed. Tonight, it’s all about keeping the home fires burning with your honey. Passion makes a familiar connection feel fresh and exciting as the first day you met.

Sagittarius: A friend could inspire you to take a chance on pursuing a passion. As a Sagittarius, you’re the consummate adventurer, and the Moon’s aspect to your ruling planet, Jupiter, this afternoon entices you to go in search of new horizons … even if that search takes place solely on Google. Exploring other people’s lives, their cultures, and the places they call home – virtually or IRL – gives you insight into your own.

Capricorn: As the day gets under way, you find yourself on a roll: Everything seems to be going your way. Just don’t get too caught up in pursuing a friend’s priorities instead of your own this afternoon – especially if you make a financial investment, you could end up getting burned. Late tonight, your energy level is every bit as high as it was in the morning, if not more.

Aquarius: Rise to the occasion today, Aquarius: Real opportunities for growth are yours for the plucking. But you’re going to have to reach within yourself and summon confidence and optimism, and that could mean coming to terms with the very qualities you’re least confident and most pessimistic about. Right now, luckily, you have the motivation to do just that. A positive – though not Pollyanna-ish – attitude will prove self-fulfilling now.

Pisces: You and your significant other form a great team today. They say open communication is the key to a solid relationship, and the two of you prove that by really, truly dropping your guard with each other. The exercise in trust pays off: You feel more secure with the give-and-take dynamic than ever. This afternoon is an inspired time; channel your subconscious and stimulate your imagination.

Aries: Early in the day, you’re itching to have some fun. Take a long lunch or coffee break if you possibly can. Spending time with kids will really energize you … as will flirting shamelessly with the total-hottie barista who takes your latte order. Tonight, help a friend solve a problem; you’ve been through something similar, so you have good insights to offer (even if you didn’t handle it quite so well yourself).

Taurus: With the Moon in your Sun sign, it’s another high-energy day for Bullish women. Around midday, you’re a real-life domestic goddess, whipping up crepes from scratch, or enlivening your home (or even your office cubicle) environment with makes-all-the-difference touches like fresh flowers. This evening, you’re inspired to take your career to the next level, using what you’ve learned from your time in the trenches.

Gemini: After taking time out to recharge your batteries, you find that your creative energy is renewed in a big way today. Use your ingenuity to come up with an idea that is almost visionary at work this afternoon and evening. People will get so excited about it, you’ll feel like something of a superstar. Just don’t get too puffed up with pride, or someone may decide to take you down a notch.

Cancer: Your loyalty to the people you care about is unwavering, but it may get on your nerves today when a friend needs to be the center of attention. If she starts every sentence with “I” and doesn’t once ask about your life, you are entirely justified in calling her on it. Sure, she might be insulted, but she’ll realize by tonight that your intention is to help her grow as a person.

Leo: Pardon the groan-inducing pun, but it’s time to let out a “rrowr,” as your considerable Lioness charms are on full display today. There’s some romantic tension in the air, whether you’re batting eyes at an eligible coworker or arranging a racy lunch-hour rendezvous with your main squeeze. An intimate relationship is in the process of evolving this evening, but if you want true openness with your loved one, resist the urge to sugar-coat the facts.

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