Your Super Bowl Survival Guide

Not a football fan? No problem! We've got 7 helpful tips to improve your game (and impress every guy in the room) if you're headed to a Super Bowl party on Sunday.
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Your Super Bowl Survival Guide

Not a football fan? No problem! We’ve got 7 helpful tips to improve your game (and impress every guy in the room) if you’re headed to a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

-Debbie Emery

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For millions of men across America, Super Bowl Sunday is the most important event of the year. (And you thought it was the Oscars, ha!) Sadly, for many women it’s a day when they are ignored by their boyfriends and husbands, or even worse, are made to feel like dumb girls because they know nothing about the game. But have no fear, BettyConfidential is here to help with our ultimate Super Bowl survival guide. We’ve come up with 7 tips to memorize to ensure that no woman will be forced to cower beside the bean dip in fear of saying something stupid! Nobody puts Betty readers in the corner!

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1. This Year’s Match Up

First and most importantly, you have to know which teams are playing, and a few tidbits about them never hurts either. This year’s game is between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. Both were the last undefeated teams in their conference during the regular season, with the Colts only losing two of their 16 games and the Saints losing three. Just drop that little gem into conversation and the guy you’ve been crushing on will sit up and take notice!

2. The Big Players

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees

Everyone knows that the quarterback is the celebrity of the team and this year’s main men certainly live up to the image. The Colts QB Peyton Manning has led his team to countless wins over the past 11 years, was crowned the 2009 Most Valuable Player of the Year, and is one of the funniest sports stars to ever host Saturday Night Live (see video below)! On the flip side, Saints QB Drew Brees’ career was thought to be over after a shoulder injury in 2006 led him to part ways with the San Diego Chargers. His subsequent success with the then-struggling Saints, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has made him one of the most popular players in the NFL.

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0 thoughts on “Your Super Bowl Survival Guide

  1. I’m not a football watcher either. I do like the excuse to host a party and have a little social time. The commercials sure can be fun to check out and sometimes the half-time show can be decent too!

  2. Die hard Colts fan here, to the point I have a horseshoe tat. This article’s ridic, people who are actually fans can tell if you’re just repeating something you heard somewhere. If you’re not a fan, don’t fake it. Instead of trying to impress a guy by knowing “little gems” ask one, during a commercial, if they’ll teach you about the game later. DO NOT ask questions during a game.

    And come on, girls, football is AWESOME if you give it a chance. I’m definately a Manning girl, so it’s awesome when your team is in the big bowl.

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