Your Horoscope: Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Horoscope: Monday, April 20, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, April 20, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook:  Monday, April 20, 2009:
The moon enters dreamy Pisces early this morning, and many may find themselves feeling quite dreamy and imaginative. The accent is on intuition, emotions, and deep subconscious desires. This afternoon a pleasant feeling pervades the atmosphere and most will be able to take a more positive attitude to life despite difficulties that make forward progress difficult. Venus speeds up her forward motion, and financial matters will continue to improve, especially for those who have let indecision overtake their ability to make a definitive move one way or the other.

Daily Horoscopes

Taurus: With the Sun in Taurus, you’ll start the week of on the right note. You are motivated and more importantly, focused on your goals. With this renewed sense of direction, you’ll be able to make concrete progress. This afternoon, make some important changes in your financial game plan.

Gemini: The Sun’s move in Taurus makes you uncharacteristically introverted over the next month, starting today. You are still your usual bubbly and positive self, however, you’ll be able to turn off your inner extrovert when necessary, particularly when it’s time to look inward rather than outward for answers. As a Mercury-ruled Gemini, you often favor intellect to emotion. However, today (and for the next month or so) your intuitive powers are heightened, so don’t ignore your gut instincts.

Cancer: The Sun in Taurus brings out your desire to socialize with others, especially friends and colleagues. You are always emotional and sensitive, but today the moon in Pisces increases your psychic powers. You’ll find yourself in high demand amongst friends who value your intuitive abilities and willingness to share your insights and advice to help them make decision. Don’t let yourself get lost in others’ problems, though.

Leo: You are focused on professional ambitions as the week starts out. Although the moon in Pisces may make you more dreamy and imaginative than usual, if you channel that energy into projects, particularly those of an artistic or creative nature, you’ll be quite productive and able to make serious headway with a project. Focus on wrapping old projects this week rather than starting new ones, or laying the groundwork for a new venture from behind the scenes.

Virgo: You may be prompted to go back to school in order to increase your skill set. You are thirsty for knowledge right now, and the current planetary configuration favors the pursuit of higher or advanced education. This evening, a relationship with a one-on-one partner will be highlighted with the moon in Pisces; make some time for your significant other.

Libra: The Sun in Taurus brings your focus to resources and finances, particularly those of a shared nature. Today is an excellent day to sit down with your business partner or your spouse and lay the groundwork for a cohesive financial plan. The two of you may have been avoiding some money issues, this week it’s time to nip these problems in the bud and put your heads together to come up with a solution.

Scorpio: The moon in Pisces heightens your natural psychic ability, and you’ll be razor sharp all day long. You can almost see into the souls of close friends and family; use this knowledge to your advantage but don’t exploit it. This evening, you’ll be in an amorous mood so a night alone with your special someone is your best bet.

Sagittarius: The Sun’s entry into Taurus Shifts Sagittarians’ focus toward daily duties and responsibilities. Resist the urge to kick back and indulge the dreamy mood brought by the moon in Pisces. Instead, channel your heightened imagination into publishing and artistic projects. A creative collaboration is especially productive now; this evening, take the time out to put some focused energy into a new project.

Capricorn: Your mind has been running overtime lately. You Capricorns are always quite ambitious individuals; and lately you may have been feeling like your efforts have not been paying off. However, today you’ll change your perspective when a seed you planted some time back finally blossoms today. This unexpected success will propel you forward in pursuing new endeavors as well as re-energizing your commitment to ongoing projects.

Aquarius: Today the moon is in Pisces, so you’ll crave romance, pleasure, and leisure. The morning is excellent for discussions with your spouse, especially about finances. You may find it difficult to concentrate on work today, since you’ll be fantasizing about having fun. This afternoon you’ll be especially affectionate and friendly. Your everyday environment, whether that be home, the office, or the neighborhood, is surprisingly pleasant and you’ll fully appreciate the warmth that you feel in familiar surroundings. Tonight is sure to be entertaining; spend time with friends relaxing and catching up.

Pisces: You are totally living inside your head all day, Pisces. Distractions cloud your concentration. Be careful where you do your daydreaming, though, and avoid problems at work. For creative types, today is the perfect day for brainstorming, artistic endeavors, and coming up with imaginative solutions to pesky problems.

Aries: The moon’s entry into Pisces has you more withdrawn than usual today, Aries. You may want to stay in the background and operate from behind the scenes. A colleague or acquaintance could be intimidated by your no-nonsense attitude; try and soften your approach to make headway with someone with whom you’ve been having a problem connecting. Your powers of intuition are extremely high; rely on your gut instinct when making an important decision.

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