Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your horoscope: Thursday, April 23, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 23, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Thursday, April 23, 2009: Today the moon continues its transit through fiery Aries, continuing to inspire and motivate everyone. Because the moon is waning, Aries inspirational influence should be concentrated on wrapping up unfinished tasks, tying up loose ends, and bringing closure to incomplete projects before the new moon this weekend. Mercury’s early-morning rendezvous with Jupiter makes today a good day to attend to correspondence and errands that have been hanging over your head. This afternoon, the Sun and Pluto force us to confront problems in order to avoid a possible crisis down the road.

Daily Horoscopes

Taurus: The atmosphere is skittish, erratic, and most people are extremely sensitive early on in the day. The moon is still in dramatic Aries, and as a result everyone will want to be the center of attention –which is obviously impossible. Try and spend time with loved ones, since love and affection are the key ways to make it through the trials and tribulations today will bring. Children and romantic partners are sure to bring joy and happiness if any is to be found.

Gemini: The early morning may bring some tension, especially if you want to expand and find you are unable to do so at this time. There’s a time for everything, and perhaps now is just not the time to make the changes you’d like to. It’s far better to make moves when the stars are on your side. Later in the evening, matters of the heart may take an erratic turn, and you may be surprised by the actions of your spouse or significant other. Verbal arguments or mental manipulation may occur later tonight; be careful about what you say and hear.

Cancer: Today the moon is in Aries and you’ll be very concerned about your career, especially your status or what others think of you. Try and do something different or exciting this morning, you’ll be pleased with yourself. Early afternoon finds you extremely focused at perfecting your work for an imminent judgment, you’ll be really impressing those you work with due to your hard work and dedication. Later on in the evening, you can really combine your flair for the dramatic with your assertiveness to come across the best possible way.

Leo: Today you could feel an unpredictable edge in the morning. This discomfort is easily dispelled by some serious thinking. Be on the lookout for flashes of brilliance that may come to you as you think through difficulties concerning your career. An optimistic and expansive attitude is most beneficial to you now. Later this evening spend time talking ideas through friends and colleagues who inspire you. You could really come up with some great new ideas after dark.

Virgo: The moon in Aries inspires you to start anew in some area of your life. Now it is best to reevaluate your recent efforts to expand and increase, particularly in terms of your professional and financial ambitions. Some are likely to be feeling frustrated, pessimistic, and generally depressed by their own future outlook, so try and cheer up loved ones who may be feeling down.

Libra: Today you’ll enjoy a pleasant sense of confidence and contentment. Although your avant-garde approach is sometimes disconcerting to those who aren’t insightful enough to understand it, you should stick to your guns. Today you’ll realize the importance of your original outlook and modest brilliance. Spend time this evening appreciating the artistic creations of a respected friend. You’ll need lots of affection late tonight so be sure to invite a special someone to join you in nocturnal excursions.

Scorpio: Today you’ll be full of new ideas and eager to share them with professional associates. Tension on the work front could be resolved today by joining forces with someone you never thought you would collaborate with. Make a plan tonight to implement important changes in your routine that will increase your productivity. Get prepared for a very busy professional period ahead.

Sagittarius: You are especially creative and artistic today. Record your ideas in some concrete way; for example, if you have a new idea for how to lay out your living room, draw a diagram. You can solve complex problems today because your mind is very open and you can ‘think outside the box.’ Apply this insight to professional endeavors as well.

Capricorn: Today you’ll crave the comforts of home more than usual. Responsibilities are best accomplished from home, so try and take care of either household responsibilities or accomplish career objectives from your domestic sphere, which is where you’ll be most productive. You could have trouble expressing your complex emotions to loved ones this afternoon, try writing down how you are feeling if you can’t communicate verbally.

Aquarius: Today is a good day to take care of mundane matters, such as household duties and neighborhood errands. It is a good idea to get organized on the job as well, since a focused approach is best and most efficient right now. You may need some time alone to ponder over your goals for the future; a little psychological probing could relax you and make you feel more secure. This evening romance thrives so you should spend time with your spouse or lover.

Pisces: Today is your most active and busy day of the week. You may be a little low on energy, but avoid indulging any urge to kick back. If you get yourself going today, you’ll build a nice momentum. Be assertive with your ideas and you will get the attention of someone important, if not today, at some point over the next few weeks.

Aries: Be prepared for surprises from a spouse or romantic partner this afternoon. This evening you could fall under misconceptions about your career, especially your public image. Your vision is likely to be clouded now, so keep that in mind if you suffer from anxiety over this. Try not to freak out or go overboard emotionally; things will look totally different to you in a few days.

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