Your Horoscope: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Tuesday, April 21, 2009: Mid-morning, the moon opposes Saturn and there will be a conflict between the emotional and the practical. People may need to choose between what they feel they should do and what they know is responsible. The moon continues to transit dreamy Pisces, which may make it difficult to concentrate on work. Venus (the planet of love) and Mars pair up in Pisces this evening, making it the perfect night for steamy, sensual encounters. If you’re single, tonight’s the night to go out on the hunt; if you’re in a relationship make some time for your special someone.

Daily Horoscopes

Taurus: This morning you could experience a conflict between your intuition and your intellect. Follow your instincts on this matter, especially if it concerns the direction of a creative or artistic project. Definitely socialize this evening, you’ll be very charismatic and may be introduced to someone quite special – either for friendship or for something more – through a mutual friend.

Gemini: A push and pull between your domestic duties and your professional ambitions could come to a head today. Put serious thought into a decision today; and make sure your priorities reflect your true, inner feelings. Don’t go off the deep end and take frustration over a career setback out on your family this evening. Tempers run high and you may consider getting to the gym for some physical activity in order to vent pent up aggression.

Cancer: You can decide between two options this morning; your heart tells you to do one thing and your brain tells you to do another. All Cancers are somewhat psychic – even if they don’t admit it – so relying on your intuition is your best bet today. This evening, you’ll be very receptive to new ideas and intellectual stimulation will prove exciting and could significantly broaden your horizons.

Leo: Today you might have to consider liquidating an asset or borrowing funds in order to compensate for a financial shortfall. You’ll most likely be successful in putting a band-aid on a financial problem; however, you might want to take some time to ponder the root of these problems this evening. Your extravagant lifestyle and discriminating tastes can often be one of your strengths, but lately, your inability to know when to say no has become a weakness. You may have to confront the fact that sacrifice, now and in the future, may be the only way you can solve your financial problems for the long-term.

Virgo: You need to let your special someone or spouse know how much you care about him today. He may be feeling left out of your life because you’ve been focusing so much on your career. Rekindle the spark in your relationship by surprising your honey with a romantic dinner for two.

Libra: Throw yourself into your work today, Libra. You’ll make major progress with a project that has been plaguing you for months. Enlist the assistance of a colleague in order to increase your productivity. Venus and Mars pair up this evening and super charge you with energy. Channel that energy into finally completing a project that’s been hanging over your head; the newfound freedom you’ll feel once you wrap up this loose end is unimaginably empowering.

Scorpio: Tension that you’ve been experiencing between a group of friends or your team at work may finally be resolved today. Make the extra effort to let everyone know how much you appreciate them. Once you mend fences with important associates, your productivity will soar.

Sagittarius: Today you’ll be able to complete many tasks on the home front that you’ve been ignoring. Get your office organized, file your documents, clean up that computer – or just tidy up the house! Once you get your ducks in a row, you’ll be amazed at how your productivity skyrockets.

Capricorn: Your intellectual side is stimulated today vis-à-vis a friendly disagreement with a colleague. By engaging in some verbal sparring, you’ll be able to solidify your own position on a certain divisive issue that has been putting a wedge between you and either your family or your colleagues at work.

Aquarius: This morning will find you awake bright and early, taking in the optimistic and expansive aura. Take advantage of your energetic mood and do something adventurous or athletic. You’ll want to be surrounded by friends and family today, although there is a chance that some aggression or hostility could surface during social interactions. Try to maintain an impartial attitude and definitely don’t let anything ruin this wonderful day!

Pisces: The moon continues its transit through your Sun sign today, Pisces, making you more confident than usual. Shy Pisceans often have difficulty making their desires and needs known, but today you’ll be able to go after what you want – and you’ll most likely get it!

Aries: If you’ve been putting off a discussion with your spouse or significant other for a while, today is the day for you both to confront your fears. By combining your efforts, the two of you can come up with a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem much more easily than by brooding separately about how hopeless the situation is.

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