Your Horoscope: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Aries: Think things through and don’t jump to conclusions today, even if it’s obvious that your special someone is hiding something from you. He may just be planning a surprise that he doesn’t want you to know about. Wait until this evening, and if he’s still acting strange; then confront him. Just don’t be too accusatory.

Taurus: Solidify a friendship that has been on the rocks recently, Taurus. If you do not, you may end up being left out and losing a close bond with someone who means a lot to you. This evening, invite a new friend over to your house for some good food and interesting conversation. Having company will definitely lift your spirits.

Gemini: The moon enters Capricorn today, which marks the beginning of a three-day period of heightened personal power. But keep in mind that you’ll focus on your own needs and perhaps see things only from your point of view. You may make one too many critical remarks to your special someone; try to be sensitive to others’ feelings. This evening, show him how sorry you are by planning a romantic evening for just the two of you.

Cancer: Today is a pleasant day, and you’ll be able to sort through your inner emotions. This morning you may have a good conversation or receive positive correspondence from a business associate, which could put you in a very good mood. Later in the evening, you may experience a minor conflict with a significant other.

Leo: Today your mind is on fun and romance. You’ll be creatively inspired this morning, so spend the afternoon making some of your ideas a reality. You may experience some minor tension with a friend or lover this evening.

Virgo: You greatly desire emotional peace and harmony right now, and some self-analysis may be the key to unlocking your powerful subconscious. Your relationships are very important to you now, and you may go out of your way to keep a partner happy. The domestic scene is tranquil and peaceful, which gives you a sense of contentment tonight.

Libra: You may have trouble communicating with others, especially your husband or boyfriend. Don’t play passive-aggressive games with loved ones; say what you feel straight-out. If you try to manipulate someone into doing what you want by playing games or telling lies (however small and insignificant), you will most definitely regret it. Any mischievous schemes that involve deceiving others will backfire on you and could even cost you an important relationship.

Scorpio: Today you’ll have an excess of energy. This afternoon you may be frustrated about responsibilities that interfere with spending time with a romantic tie. A relationship may be growing more serious; you realize that you may need to sacrifice some time in order to allow your bond with a loved one to grow deeper.

Sagittarius: Today your outlook is brightened, and the tension of yesterday evening passes away. You may not feel like talking much this afternoon; by tonight you’ll be chatting away. Conversations with romantic partners are favored this evening, and the mood is frank, open and honest.

Capricorn: Today you’ll be unusually sensitive. During the morning hours you’ll admit to yourself that love is more important than your career right now; sacrifices may be necessary in order to resolve a current conflict between work and a romance.

Aquarius: Tension could arise over financial problems this afternoon. You may identify with money and possessions strongly at this time, and it is unwise to make impulsive purchases. This evening you may need to have a serious discussion with a partner or a family member about finances.

Pisces: Today your focus is on your friends and socializing. It’s quite a pleasant day; you’ll spend time enjoying the company of others and may even meet some new people. You’ll be motivated to accomplish important career goals this afternoon. Later in the evening, tension may arise at home over your extensive career responsibilities, which are constantly getting in the way of your personal life.

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