Would You Want Your Child To Be President?

The Bettys weigh in on if they would want their child to be President

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Would You Want Your Child To Be President?

The Bettys weigh in

-The Bettys

For years it seemed there could be no greater parental achievement than raising a son (sorry, daughters weren’t really considered contenders back then) to become president of the United States. But do people still feel that way … after all the scandals, slander and even assassination attempts?

The Bettys are pretty split on this one, but the majority have some pretty STRONG RESERVATIONS about it. Here’s why:

Monica: I don’t think I would want my child to be president of the United States. Sure it’s a very powerful position, but with power comes risk, and I don’t think I would want my child’s life to be at risk everyday.

Julie: My initial reaction is absolutely 100 percent yes. What an incredible honor and privilege … and to go down in the history books like that … unbelievable. Plus my selfish quest for personal fame would surely get a boost! But then I think about the risk and the slander and the bashing, and I know it would be really difficult to stand by and watch my child go through that. Still, I have to say the opportunity is something I would definitely want for my children if they wanted it as well.

Jennifer: I would not want my child to be president. I think most people who run for elected positions have huge egos and are power trippers. I am truly disgusted by most politicians as I think they are 100 percent for themselves and really care very little about the people they serve. I also think the successful ones are usually puppets of their parties and have little or no opinions of their own (but instead just say what they know will get them elected). I hope to raise my children to have better qualities than that.

Stephanie Elliot (aka Manic Mommy): I would not want my child to be the president of the United States because then they’ll find the footage of the video taken at AJ’s first bath where he was peeing and I was cracking up and that would not bode well for a president.

Luke is just too defiant to be a president. I doubt any former presidents dressed as a goth dude for Halloween.

And McKaelen, well, she’s just too picky of an eater to be president.

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t want my kids to be president because it would be too much pressure … on ME!

April: It’s not something that I would dream about for my daughter, because it sounds like such a hard life. And, honestly, I’d be concerned about what she would have to do to get there – I don’t think anyone becomes pesident or even a successful politician without moral compromise –  it just seems like that’s how you have to play the game.

But if it’s what she wanted, then I would wholeheartedly support her –  though I don’t know how I would be able to not personally go to the homes of her critics and yell at them!

Mary Beth: I would want my two daughters and son to be president or vice-president, only if I got a clothing allowance during the election and for media clips of me – “the presidential mom.”

Seriously, I’ve always told my kids to strive to be whatever they want, and insisted that they can if they dream big and work hard enough … without connections, without someone handing them something. So, president would be the epitome of striving to be on top, wanting to make a difference with your life. Of course, I’m thinking of Obama’s grandma and what it must feel like to be the one who worked behind the scenes to give our kids opportunities to aim high.

Plus, I want to be a guest on Saturday Night Live, travel frequently to D.C. and have my cookie recipes printed on Betty and in major magazines everywhere.

Judy: I am not having any children, but if either of my cats decided to run for president, I’d be worried. Inky doesn’t really have the presidential temperament, and Mabel’s afraid of vacuum cleaners so I really don’t have much faith that she’d be able to deal with a nuclear, oh, ‘scuse me, nucular threat.

Joseph: I would want my child to be whatever he or she wanted to be; although a difficult job and responsibility to the American public, I’d support my children 100 percent in their political endeavors – no questions asked.  

Carrie: Yes, of course! In fact I’m going to ensure my future children wear flag pins on their bibs and engage in those favorite playground games: Spin The Tail on The Election and Name That Health Care Solution. Also, if I have sons, I’m going to do everything in my power to pimp them out to the Obama daughters. I’d be the proud mother of a First Gentleman.

Tell us: would you want your child to be President?

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