Yummy Mommies

Mother's Day Special slideshow

Mother’s Day Special

Yummy Mommies!

Celebs just like us? Not so much, but these Hollywood moms do their share of cuddling, kissing, shopping and splashing with their little ones…


Angelina Jolie and Shiloh

Angelina and Shiloh














Next: Jessica Alba…

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0 thoughts on “Yummy Mommies

  1. Shiloh is so beautiful. And I love that little black dress she’s wearing … seriously only Angelina Jolie would find a black dress for her toddler!

  2. speaking of julia roberts, she was slammed today on TMZ for having a “tramp stamp” aka a tattoo above her behind. it was of her kid’s names … didnt look trashy. what do you all think? are tramp stamps trashy on celebs or only on sorority and college girls? dpes it depend on what the tattoo is of?

  3. I am definitely not a BIG fan of tattos, and don’t think you should be teaching your young children that it is Ok to stamp anything into your skin.

  4. I’m fine with other people getting tattoos, i just don’t want MY children to get one. And I wouldn’t put a 2-year-old girl in black either!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with that little dress on Shiloh, I think its cute. Maybe she wanted to dress like mommy, or maybe she just wanted something for her kid that might appear clean a little longer…lol. coco looks so much like David’s sisters, if they ever need a new kid to play Marie on Medium, she should definitely get the role based on looking like Patricia so much…lol

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