A Breast-Cancer Vaccine?

Scientists say it's on the way.

A Breast-Cancer Vaccine?

Scientists say it’s on the way.

-Jane Farrell


A scientist at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic says he’s discovered a vaccine that could prevent breast cancer.

Ten months of testing on genetically engineered mice predisposed to breast cancer found that 100 percent of those who got the vaccine remained free of breast tumors, while 100 percent of those who did not get the vaccine developed such tumors, according to USA Today.

Dr. Vincent Tuohy, the lead researcher, said that if the study continues to go well, a vaccine for women over 40 could be available in ten years.

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“We think that breast cancer is a completely preventable disease in the same way that polio is completely preventable,” Tuohy told a television station in Cleveland.

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer among women of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. It occurs more than twice as frequently than lung cancer, the next most common cancer among all women. (USA Today)

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