A Celebrity Blogger's Red Carpet Do's and Don'ts

Micah Jesse always looks fierce on the red carpet!
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A Celebrity Blogger’s Red Carpet Do’s and Don’ts

Micah Jesse always looks fierce on the red carpet!

-Micah Jesse, MicahJesse.com

Micah Jesse

Hi Betty Babes!

Micah Jesse here with your red carpet do’s and don’ts for the scorching summer heat (fall is almost here and you can soon say goodbye to that frizzy hair– phew)! If you’re hitting the step-and-repeat, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready so you can make the ‘Best Dressed’ list… and not be attacked by the ‘Fashion Police’!

Summer Red Carpet No No’s!

White Deodorant Stains on Your Black Dress

Cheryl Burke

Want to avoid getting white powder on your pretty couture? Of course you do. Try The Body Shop’s DeoDry™ Dry-Effect Deodorant Chilled & Breezy Stick. Dancing With The Stars’ Cheryl Burke swears by it!

Too Much Body Glitter

Nicole Scherzinger

Stars like Nicole Scherzinger and Paris Hilton dip their bodies in glitter and shimmer before they hit the carpet. I honestly wish they’d take a bath instead. Too much glitter and glow can make you look sweaty. And on a hot Summer day, who wants to look a glittery drowned rat? Try a moisturizer instead!

Frizzy Hair!

frizzy hair

I know, I know the summer can be hot, and even worse, humid. But that’s no excuse for stepping out with a frizzy head of hair. I suggest using a product like Frizz Ease or slicking back your hair into a tight ponytail if you think your locks are are going to turn into a Lion’s mane. Speaking of manes, you can pick up lots of luscious products for your hair at Lock & Mane.

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  1. Um… I’m not a Katy Perry hater or anything, but are we calling that DIY dress she’s wearing a do? It looks like she bought fabric at the craft store and then sliced and diced it!

  2. Another great way to beat the frizz.. Comb conditioner through before rinsing and try to let hair dry naturally in a bun or braid if trying to straighten before styling. Control Freak by Bed Head applied to damp hair does the trick of a good Gel without the heavy feel or residue. xo

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