A Dermatologist Reveals What Dermatological Procedures to Avoid

Want perfect skin? Before you go to a dermatologist, read this article.
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A Dermatologist Reveals What Dermatological Procedures to Avoid

Want perfect skin? Before you go to a dermatologist, read this article.

– Dr. Sandra Lee

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Before opting for the newest or most commonly advertised procedure, there are simple facts you should know before digging deep into your pocket when visiting your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Don’t fall into the trap and spend your hard earned cash on pointless procedures. Straight from the dermatologist’s office, Dr. Sandra Lee provides a cheat sheet on skin procedures to avoid and those to consider.

Resolve pigmentation issues FOR good

If you have dark, mask-like pigmentation on your cheeks (a benign but aggravating condition called melasma), don’t waste all your money on spa-level peels and microdermabrasion. A trip to your esthetician is not the answer. There are very effective prescription medications and lasers that can effectively rid your skin of dark pigmentation. Though more pricey initially, they are way more effective and likely end up costing less than several spa-level treatments.

Laser away your worries, not your mole

Don’t depend on laser removal to do away with a mole on any part of your body or face. A mole should be excised entirely. It’s a quick and simple office procedure. It’s not something that can be gotten rid of by a laser. In fact, a laser will not necessarily get rid of a mole. If a mole changes and becomes cancerous, a laser may actually be a contributing factor.

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Wart wars

Don’t get mad at your dermatologist if your wart doesn’t disappear. There are hundreds of recommendations on how to treat warts out there. Even banana peels and duct tape have been advised! Think about it—if there is ONE way that is always effective, then there would ONLY be one way to treat a wart. Remember, that warts are caused by a virus and this virus is “flying under the radar”, meaning your immune system is not detecting that it is living on our skin. If you are a healthy person, a wart will eventually go away when your body “wakes up” and realizes it is there. Unfortunately, a dermatologist can’t predict the timeframe. He/she can’t determine whether it will be tomorrow, next month or next year.

Advice to Listen or to ignore?

Don’t listen to all the bad press about Accutane. It is a great medication that clears acne—head and shoulders above the rest. However, you definitely need to be followed carefully by a board certified dermatologist if you’re taking the medication. I strongly encourage people who have bad, cystic acne to see if Accutane is for you, because acne is almost always temporary—but ugly acne scars are almost always forever.

How to really get rid of unwanted hair, how to deal with pitted skin and what you need to know before you go, up next!

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