A Real Guy Tells: Why I've Never Cheated

Cheating is not for me! A real guy explains why he's never cheated and why other men have.
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A Real Guy Tells: Why I’ve Never Cheated

Cheating is not for me!

-Charles J. Orlando

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Cheating is all the rage. Celebs and regular Moes alike are constantly getting called out by the paparazzi, by their (now ex) significant others, and the perpetually investigating press. Some initially take the road of silence and others come clean right away… but it’s been fascinating to watch the male cheaters confess (read: pour their hearts out to the world on how sorry they are). As a man, I listen to these tearful laments and I can’t help but laugh. These guys were just fine traipsing around the town with tender trollops in-tow—an unsuspecting wife or girlfriend holding down the proverbial fort, oftentimes dutifully caring for the kids—and now they want me to believe they’re sorry? Puh-lease. These cheaters aren’t sorry… they’re just sorry they got caught.

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And with infidelity now constant headline news, the latest TV shows, magazine articles, and blog posts feature “real men” discussing cheating. These men are quasi-experts on cheating—because they did it. And look, I’m not here to pass judgment on their infidelity… I simply have an issue with their reasoning. These “real men”—like all cheating men—have a wide variety of justifications of why they cheated: “She was constantly bitching at me. I had to get out of there,” or “I felt like I was playing a role. I stopped being real. The only way to shake myself out of it was to cheat,” or my personal (and the most common) “I didn’t mean it. It was an accident.”

My conclusion on these reasons (and any others):  bullshi*t. Bullsh*t. BULLSH*T!

Sorry, guys. You can pull that line on the press, on your mothers, or on your now-estranged wives/girlfriends, but that crap doesn’t work on someone who knows—someone who has been there (years ago, long before I was married).

But let’s get something straight. I recognize that monogamy isn’t for everyone. In fact, many argue that it’s not a “natural state” for men. In many ways, I think those people are right. DNA-wise, both genders are driven by primal instincts to continue our species, not concentrate on the sanctity of marriage. However, humans now claim to be civilized, and if a person decides to delve into the world of commitment, marriage, and fidelity, he should hold to the ideals that accompany that choice. If you don’t want a commitment… don’t get married!

You want the real truth? Read on…

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11 thoughts on “A Real Guy Tells: Why I've Never Cheated

  1. yeh…im with you. Getting married is agreeing to do alittle sexual sacrificing and its honorable and way more rewarding then the random quickies with skizzies in the single life.

  2. Now I feel “jealous” of Charles’s wife, but it’s a healthy jealousy, for having such a faithful hubby.

    I do agree with you guys, cheating is a choice, and a very selfish one – also there’s the availability factor, if the woman’s there, he’ll cheat with her (does Jude Law ring a bell to ya?).

    I must admit, I have no interest in getting married or tied up to a guy, but I’d rather break up than cheat.

  3. YES. This is exactly what I say, too! Monogamy isn’t for everyone, so if it’s NOT for you… DON’T GET MARRIED or LIE ABOUT SEEING “ONLY ONE PERSON”… Just be honest. You will find others who like playing the field, and you won’t hurt those who are looking for commitment! :)

  4. Great words man. I too will die before betraying my darling. She is my beloved girl, my angel and my best friend. Like you said, if you can't be committed to one, then don't get married. It applies for women too. I feel lucky to have a girl with the same attitudes.

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