Accident on Milla Jovovich's 'Resident Evil 5' Set Leaves 16 Zombies Injured

World War Z isn't the only zombie movie that's been having trouble this week: an accident on the set of Resident Evil 5 has left 16 of its zombie extras injured.

Accident on Milla Jovovich’s ‘Resident Evil 5′ Set Leaves 16 Zombies Injured

World War Z isn’t the only zombie movie that’s been having trouble this week: an accident on the set of Resident Evil 5 has left 16 of its zombie extras injured.

-Lucia Peters


Man, this has NOT been a good week for zombie movies. First there was that SWAT raid on Brad Pitt’s World War Z set; and now, there’s been an accident on the set of Resident Evil 5 in Toronto.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a wheeled platform that served as part of the movie’s set unexpectedly collapsed yesterday, leaving 16 extras injured. Naturally, those extras were playing zombies, because this story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if they weren’t. Ten of them went to the hospital; luckily none of the injuries were deemed life-threatening, but one actor cracked a rib, a second sustained a stress fracture in the leg, and a third might have a back injury.

Now, opinions on why they’re even still MAKING Resident Evil movies aside, that kind of sucks. The film’s co-producers, Davis Films/Impact Pictures and Constantin Film International, released a statement in the aftermath of the event: “It is with regret that we confirm this unfortunate accident. The thoughts of everyone involved in the production are with those who have been injured, and we hope that all have a quick and complete recovery.”

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But this is the part where I admit to being a terrible person: Apparently, the ambulance staff and firemen who responded to the accident were left with the somewhat difficult task of sorting actual injuries from fake zombie makeup injuries. Please tell me I’m not the only one that finds that just a tiny bit funny. The injuries aren’t, of course; but the situation kind of is. Isn’t it?

Anyway, at least Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich is looking out for her zombies; TMZ reported today that she dropped by the hospital last night to visit the actor, a woman named Akiko, who wound up with a busted back. Milla tweeted that Akiko is in pain (duh), but that “she’s moving her hands and feet and not in critical condition.” Mila went on to say, “I promised her that I would come and see her every week while I’m here to give her support and strength in her recovery. I can’t believe she said she wants to come back and finish her part, she’s incredible.” Now that’s dedication!

Here’s wishing everyone involved in the accident a speedy recovery!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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