Actress Bai Ling Proves She's No Villain in the E! Special "Pawn 90210"

Bai Ling glitters almost as much as the stunning jewelry in Beverly Hill's Dina Collection shop.

Actress Bai Ling Proves She’s No Villain in the E! Special “Pawn 90210”

Bai Ling glitters almost as much as the stunning jewelry in Beverly Hill’s Dina Collection shop.

-Heather Taylor

bai ling at the Dina Collection Party

“I’m definitely not a villain; I’m just the most energetic!” Wait, why does actress Bai Ling have to defend herself as not being in a villain inside of a jewelry pawn shop?

On Tuesday September 27, 2011 in star-studded Beverly Hills, The Dina Collection on 249 South Beverly Drive premiered the E! special Pawn 90210. It’s  a show about the lives of the rich and famous who have to pawn their jewels in order to afford directing endeavors or simply to make ends meet. While Ling is a star in the show, the other big star is The Dina Collection- the luxury pawnshop in which the TV show is set. The upscale pawnshop offers celebrities and regular folk with a place to bring in your own high end jewelry pieces and receive cash in exchange. Or, if you’re a member of the press, or a big star like regular client Drew Barrymore, you can rent out a piece from the vintage selection for when you head to the Oscars.

interior of the Dina Collection

Ling’s antics are more diva than villain in the episode as she tries to sell her diamond necklace to owner Yossi Dina in an attempt to get some cash to fund a film she is trying to produce. In real life, Ling is fresh out of rehab with a mindset that’s just as bright as the glittering diamonds in the cases next to her as we chatted.

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“I’m working on getting my own TV series and I recently wrote a single called ‘Rehab’” Ling tells me, “It’s about how to have fun and just get back into being happy and having a good after being in rehab.” You go girl! I cannot tell you just how much I admire her honesty — it’s a rare thing to get a celeb to speak so candidly on a hot button topic in such a crowded space. She proves that even stars that get down on their luck can pick themselves back up — sometimes what glitters is gold.

Speaking of gold, I got to try on two enormous emerald rocks from Harry Winston. Price check? $40 … grand. Anyone want to get me an early birthday gift? Thinking of giving me something else? Check out this interview full of drool-worthy jewels.

For more information on The Dina Collection and to get in touch with Yossi Dina, please visit their insanely gorgeous site.

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