ADHD During Sex

Amber Madison answers a question about how to deal with ADHD during sexual intercourse.


ADHD During Sex

Dear Amber: I love having sex with my long term boyfriend. He’s sexy, smart, caring, and it can last forever. He often outlasts me. I can go for a long time, but often, I get very side tracked in the middle, and I just want to stop. I don’t know what to do! We do all sorts of new stuff – spontaneous stuff – and I don’t think it’s that I’m getting bored. I have ADHD, but I haven’t taken anything for it since I was a little girl. Once I get side tracked, I just want to stop. Please help!

Amber: The good news is you’re generally happy with your sex life and your boyfriend. The bad news: his endurance is a bit much for you – to the point you get bored and are anxious for sex to finish. This isn’t a problem with you or a problem with him, it’s just a mismatch of sexual endurance.

If you haven’t told him that you wish he’d finish quicker, then it’s possible he’s trying to make himself last longer because he thinks that’s what you want. So if you haven’t said anything yet, say something along the lines of, “I love you, and I love having sex with
you, but sometimes it goes on a bit long for me.” If he naturally lasts a long time, try increasing the amount of foreplay you have before sex so that by the time intercourse actually starts he’s already riled up.

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