Age-Proof Your Neck

How to take care of the one spot we most often neglect

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 Age-Proof Your Neck

How to take care of the one spot we most often neglect

-Paige Herman Axel

Beautiful WomanWhen was the last time you took a good look at your neck? You probably can’t remember, because unfortunately most of us don’t give our necks a second thought until it’s already too late. Here’s a little known beauty tip: Just like the skin on our faces, our necks age as well, which is why it’s important to take care of this delicate and visible area sooner rather than later.

Right Now

If your neck looks great right now, there are a few easy ways to keep it that way. Most neck issues don’t arise until our 40s or later, so that leaves plenty of time to care for this delicate skin.

Skincare: One small change to your skincare regimen can make a big difference in the appearance of your neck years from now. There’s no need to buy anything new, all you have to do is start including your neck when you cleanse, treat and moisturize.

Sunscreen: Years of sun damage can cause the skin on your neck to lose its firmness (just like on your face). So if you’re not using sunscreen daily, now’s the time to start so your face and neck look younger longer.

Maintain a stable weight: Weight fluctuations do a number on your skin. If you’re a yo-yo dieter or gain (and lose) excessive amounts of weight with pregnancy, this can lead to more pronounced laxity of the neck skin down the line.


Sure there are plenty of products geared toward signs of aging on the neck, and many of them tout firming and tightening properties. Unfortunately these creams and serums aren’t likely to make a visible difference, and you’ll need to seek out a medically based treatment to help turn back the clock.

Botox: Aside from loose skin, one of the biggest neck complaints with age is those vertical bands of muscle sometimes referred to as “turkey neck.” Botox injections can help soften the appearance of these bands when injected properly. Since this is an off-label (unapproved) use for Botox, make sure you see a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon when considering this treatment.

Skin tightening treatments: Botox can’t do anything for loose skin, but there are a variety of laser and energy-based treatments that can help resurface and tighten-up slack skin in the right patient. It’s important to have realistic expectations, as these treatments don’t come close to the effects that can be achieved with surgery, but if a slight improvement is all you’re looking for, talk to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Necklift: For a sure-fire way to restore your neck to its youthful state, a necklift is the way to go. Usually performed in conjunction with a facelift (once your neck has aged, odds are your face has, too) this surgery tightens up the underlying muscles and removes excess skin and fat to produce smooth contours and a graceful silhouette. Let it be known that this is serious surgery that’s not to be taken lightly, and a board-certified plastic surgeon is the only doctor qualified to perform the procedure.

What about you – what are some of your favorite beauty tips for taking care of your neck? Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

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