Alexa Chung and Madewell- Together Again!

Alexa Chung, fashion's IT girl has created another hip fashion collaboration for Madewell.

Alexa Chung and Madewell- Together Again!

Alexa Chung, fashion’s IT girl has created another hip fashion collaboration for Madewell.

-Diana Denza

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Alexa Chung: the name itself inspires Louboutin-level excitement in the fashion world. And considering her extensive resume (which includes English television personality, British Vogue editor, model, and face of Lacoste fragrance “Joy of Pink”), it’s no surprise that the drop-dead gorgeous style maven’s second collection for Madewell will hit stores on Thursday.

This much-anticipated launch comes after a hugely successful fall 2010 collection of boyfriend blazers, polka dots and stripes, and more denim offerings than Levi’s.

Am I ridiculously excited? Absolutely. The collection will be super trendy– think a pleated red dress, motorcycle jackets, and a preponderance of patterns and lace– but the actual clothes are only part of the reason I plan to raid J. Crew’s sister store on my lunch break.

About 75 percent of the motive for my trek stems (embarrassingly enough) from my strong yet unreasonable desire to emulate this woman’s incredible chicness.

In the preview video, Chung evoked a carefree and effortlessly cool attitude as she walked past a barber shop in a pair of delicious leopard print booties and twirled through a field.

I couldn’t help but desperately want to be her, especially since it’s safe to say that if I started spinning around in my local park, any surrounding onlookers would be more likely to assume I was a mental institution escapee than a modelesque fashionista.

Another thing I learned from the short preview: if you are practically flawless, the girlish act of popping a gumball into your mouth becomes incredibly sexy.

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I’d definitely recommend Madewell/Chung fans or ladies in search of a few trendsetting fall pieces scoop up a few covet worthy items from the line. And if you haven’t yet been exposed to the waiflike Chung sauntering around in the offerings, don’t look– because no matter how hard we try, we’ll never quite reach Alexa-status.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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