Alicia Keys' Reeboks May Make You Want to Sing!

The "Girl On Fire" singer has a fab collaboration with Reebok. You'll wear them everywhere.

Alicia Keys’ Reeboks May Make You Want to Sing!

The “Girl On Fire” singer has a fab collaboration with Reebok. You’ll wear them everywhere.

-Shante D. Booker

alicia keys reeboks

Somewhere in between being a mommy, a New York Time’s Best Selling Author, a philanthropist determined to kick HIV and AIDS to the curb and a singer/songwriter/producer (14 Grammys and counting!), Alicia Keys has managed to ink a partnership and design collaboration with Reebok.

alicia keys reeboks

She just launched a signature limited edition collection for Reebok’s Classics’ fall/winter 2012 campaign while putting her very own soulful spin on signature Reebok styles: Freestyle Hi, Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess.

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You know how some artist claim to have designed a sneaker and fail to mention that all they really did was pick the color? Well, Alicia Keys isn’t one of them. She was heavily involved in every aspect of the collection (her husband is Reeboks’ Creative Director, for goodness’ sake!). From picking her favorite classic silhouettes all the way to selecting materials and colorways. When asked where her design inspiration comes from, Keys revealed in a press release, “For me, inspiration comes from everywhere; the streets of New York, the music I listen to, Fashion, my friends, the world around me. It’s about creating something that’s not only wearable but is cool and makes you feel confident and at your best! I definitely went for street, style and stage—three important things to me.”

Reebok premiered Keys new Classics’ campaign during this year’s MTV Video Music awards, did you catch it? If not, take a look.

alicia keys reeboks

alicia keys reeboks

Don’t you just feel accomplished and ready to take over the world?—after you purchase your pair, that is. Lucky for you they’re already in stock at Finish Line, Footaction, Macy’s, City Gear and

Shante D. Booker is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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