All-Natural and Totally Luscious: Pamper Yourself With Miss Body Butter!

Need a time-out to catch your breath? Unwind with Miss Body Butter's luxurious salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, and (of course) body butters. Fab!
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Body Butter

Paulin’s magical shimmering body butter. Want it? Get it here!

BC: Have you ever had any disasters happen while working on a new product? Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

PS: I am proud to say that I have made hundreds of terribly disastrous products! Each one of those products has taught me a lot about which recipes work and which recipes are destined for the trash.

BC: What about happy accidents? Have you ever had something seemingly go horribly wrong, only to have it turn out to lead to something amazing?

PS: Yes! My “shimmering” body butter was created by accident. I was in the initial phases of perfecting the body butter recipe and had just made a batch for myself to use. It was sitting on my dresser when I started to apply makeup—and I ended up spilling some of my loose mineral eye shadow all over it. The loose eye shadow ended up sticking to the body butter, so to remove it, I decided to melt the body butter down again and strain it. But when I melted the body butter, I noticed how beautifully the mineral eye shadow blended into it. Instead of straining it, I mixed it and allowed it to solidify again. When I used it I noticed that it left a shimmering, natural glow on my skin.

Of course, today I don’t use loose eye shadow as an ingredient—instead, I use Mica powder, which is a main ingredient in all mineral cosmetics.

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BC: What’s the advantage to using all-natural skincare products, as opposed to regular old over the counter ones?

PS: The main advantage of using all-natural skin care products is that they contain no harmful synthetic chemicals such as petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, parabens, or phthalates. Instead, all-natural organic cosmetics are made using natural minerals and organic moisturizers found in nature such as coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, and avocado oil. These types of cosmetics are often not scented, but those that are use essential oils and absolutes to create their fragrances.

Due to growing concerns regarding the damaging effects of common skincare product ingredients, a growing number of women are now turning to all-natural products in an effort both to protect themselves and to help spare the environment. Granted, these brands can cost slightly more than their counterparts; but in the long run, the personal and environmental benefits of using all-natural organic cosmetics outweigh the financial cost.

BC: Do you have a favorite material or ingredient you like to work with?

PS: My favorite ingredient to work with is unrefined organic shea butter from Ghana. I have tried working with a wide variety of shea butters; through my experiments, I learned that unrefined organic shea butter harvested in Ghana has the smoothest texture. It’s an amazing moisturizer, it’s safe to work with, it’s sustainable, the shea nut is one of the few totally organic crops in the world, it helps impoverished countries gain economic independence… the benefits are endless!

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