Am I A Crazy Mommy?

We're bringing this article back to remind you that millions of moms are stressed out, just like you!
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Am I A Crazy Mommy?

We’re bringing this article back to remind you that millions of moms are stressed out, just like you!

-Carrie Vining Spanier

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I’ll never forget sitting in my mother’s living room, cooing over my gorgeous newborn niece, when smoke suddenly came billowing out of my mom’s kitchen. The source? Her toaster oven. The cause? The cheese toast my sister forgot she was cooking. It had turned into an inferno. Luckily the fire didn’t get any farther than my mom’s now doomed toaster oven.

Did she get any sympathy from us? No. We laughed and poked fun at my poor exhausted sister. She had become absent-minded, a trait I would never have used to describe a woman who had, until then, personified the phrase “sharp as a tack”.

But something had changed after having her daughter. Out pops a baby, in comes mommy brain moments. My sister (not to mention her kids) subsequently survived all of her lapses. Actually, they were fairly minor, like forgetting to take diapers with her.

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And then one day I received a frantic phone call when her youngest was about two years old. “Carrie, I locked Emma in the car, with the keys in it!” Poor Emma was strapped into her car seat in a very hot car (they live in Florida). My sister, who realized immediately what had happened, called the fire department, and they freed a scared, sweaty, and beet-red Emma.

Unbelievable! But when I became a new mom myself, I began to see how it could happen.

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11 thoughts on “Am I A Crazy Mommy?

  1. Just think of all the things we don’t even remember which we forgot? lol Same here… I went from remembering everything & then some to now forgetting everything. I’m sitting here at work wearing my walking shoes because I forgot my black heels at home ackk!

  2. well you guys are all just crazy i got 3 kids and never forgot them in a car this says no more for u i dont see how you can forget a kid if you strap it in and i always checked before i left to make sure i got everything you all just need to stop making excuses and get it together

  3. I’ve never forgotten either of my kids anywhere… I do often forget diapers and so forth, and I know the “back to the grocery store” scene. I would hate to even think of how frantic I would be if I ever forgot or locked one of my kids in my car.

  4. @ Princess Tracy… Dont we all wish we could say we have it as together as you do. you must be the only person to not get “mommy brain” but that doesnt make you any less crazy then the rest of us.

  5. vtmomma1 im noy saying your crazy just some people dont need kids they cant remember like the ones that forget them in the car and they die the ones ot ready to the ones that try and work at it good for you

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