American Idol Finale (Kelly Clarkson)

As Season 8 crowns a winner, a look back into American Idol's where are they now file...


American Idol Finale

As Season 8 crowns a winner, let’s see how American Idol’s past winners and runners-up are faring…



Since winning the initial season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has won 2 Grammys and sold over 56 million records worldwide, making her the highest-selling Idol winner. In recent weeks, however, she has come under criticism for her weight gain, with the New York Post declaring her “fat and fabulous.”

Next: Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini…

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0 thoughts on “American Idol Finale (Kelly Clarkson)

  1. Kelly Clarkson looks about as fat as someone 20 pounds underweight. What’s all this obsession with weight? Models have to be 00 or less, but obesity is #2 or #3 on America’s health problems lists. Its direct opposite brings health problems of its own. Aren’t you sick of seeing women whose elbows look like they slice you open if they bumped into you, whose legs look like dying young saplings in front of Safeways, whose scrawny wattled necks put turkeys’ to shame, all when they’re only 25 years old?

  2. Duaghtry is cool, but he didn’t win, and he wasn’t the runnerup either. I’m not saying Idol didn;t get it wrong that year-Taylor Hicks??????

  3. I gotta vote for both of them! They are equally brilliant. Is Adam the successor to Freddy Mercury, Chris to Jim Croce? They both seem to fill the hole those two men’s early death’s left in the culture of American music. I wish Idol could find a Janis or a Jimi… I’ve missed them for such a long time.

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