American Idol's Top Three

Gina Glocksen, American Idol's "rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential's resident expert, makes some final predictions for the top three of season nine.
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American Idol’s Top Three

Gina Glocksen, American Idol’s “rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential’s resident expert, weighs in on the good, the bad, the scary and makes some final predictions for the top three of season nine.

-Gina Glocksen

American Idol

It’s the down to the top three of American Idol! WOW! Is this competition getting cutthroat or what? It’s about time! With the talent this year, America sure did pick a great top three and this episode was pretty amazing. It proved who wanted to be there and who will be happy with being third on Idol season nine. The hometown visits were a little disappointing though. The producers didn’t show as much of the contestants arriving and their fans support as they have in the previous seasons. All they showed was Lee Dewyze in his private jet. I know for a fact, being a Chicagoan, that Lee had a HUGE “welcome home” crowd! I’m sure that Casey James and Crystal Bowersox did also, so why not show it?

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The competition started with the three idols choosing songs they loved and wanted to perform. The idea was to show who they were as artists and what their albums would sound like. Casey kicked things off.

He chose, “Okay, Its Alright With Me” by Eric Hutchinson. If you paid close attention you would have noticed that the song started too soon for Casey. He was still looking for the guitar pick in his pocket while he was rushing towards the mic to sing his first note. He started off a bit flat. My opinion was completely in sync with Kara DioGuardi’s. Casey’s song isn’t well known, yet he made it his own. Simon Cowell added that Casey was lucky to have had two songs to sing, because the tune lacked substance. “It was the salad before the main course,” Simon said.

The judges’ song choice for Casey was John Mayer’s “Daughters.” Kara and Randy Jackson chose it because they thought it was the musical route he should take and I fully agreed. His voice was amazing throughout the whole song and his high notes were very strong. It was a calming performance. Still, I don’t think he proved he wanted to be in the finals even once last night.

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  1. Lee’s Hallelujah gave me the chills. Loved that rendition. I found Casey to be bland last night and I think he’s going home (he was destined anyway… we all foresaw the Lee v. Crystal finale.). As to the winner- it could go either way. I honestly hope Lee wins, because then Crystal can do what she wants. Lee is obviously a rocker and they will go the rocker sound for him, but Crystal is so unique… she needs control over her own. Great article Gina!

  2. LOVE LEE! I agree with you though… once the choir started to come out I said, “oh no!” The judges are the ones who told Big Mike that a choir takes away from you and anyone sounds good w/ a choir. Lee shoulda taken that mental note. But, overall he was the best of the night.

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