Ex-American Idol Writes a Book?

Last week's loser, Megan Joy, wants to tell you her side of the story

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Ex-American Idol Writes a Book?

Last week’s loser, Megan Joy, wants to tell you her side of the story

-Kelly Will

artimg05901.jpgRecently axed American Idol, Megan Joy, isn’t sitting on her laurels waiting for fame to come to her.  Last week, one day after being voted off the hit show, the Sandy, Utah native and her boyfriend immediately began making cold calls to book agents around the country looking for a deal.  What would the book be about?  Her hideous experience on AI, of course!
A source in publishing tells me, “Megan’s boyfriend has been making calls, trying to see if he can generate interest in a book where Megan would expose the dark side of AI.  He claims it was just a filthy cesspool and that producers ask the contestants to do some less than stellar things for the good of the show.  The boyfriend claims to have proof in the form of emails.  The emails are said to contain production staff asking her to go so far as to cheat on her boyfriend.”
Is the industry interested?  “Megan is young, 23, and a single mother.  Add that to decent proof in the emails, then there may be a story and big it would make for a good book.  It’s all about the little details and concrete evidence.”
I would rather hear Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell discuss the backstage “cesspool”. 

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0 thoughts on “Ex-American Idol Writes a Book?

  1. What bothers me about this is the fact that she waited to be kicked off before getting mad at American Idol and putting herself out there (or having her boyfriend put herself out there) to write this book. If she won, do you think she would have ratted them out? I’m thinking not..

  2. i’M sure it claims lots of things! She’ll probably have to deal with a lot of lawyers going after her from the show, and I’m sure she signed some documents stating to shut her mouth.

  3. I hated AI since the beginning. Especially the mistreatment of the winners. Kelly Clarkson, Rueben Studdard, and Fantasia so talented but they are promoted properly. Carrie Underwood is stellar but you see her distancing herself from the show. What about the ones that won and fell off? I love that Jennifer Hudson and others did wonders after this show used them. Simon Cowell makes millions and can’t sing a lick. What is that about?

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