Angelina Jolie Talks Brad, Family and Fashion in December's 'Vogue'

And so begins Angelina Jolie's promotion of The Tourist, which she stars in with Johnny Depp.

Angelina Jolie Talks Brad, Family and Fashion in December’s Vogue

And so begins Angelina Jolie’s promotion of ‘The Tourist.’

-Faye Brennan

Angelina Jolie

We’ll be seeing a lot of Angelina Jolie this holiday season, thanks to her new film The Tourist, which comes out December 10 and co-stars Johnny Depp.

Recently, Jolie sat down with Vicki Woods of Vogue to discuss the movie and the various other aspects of her life beyond acting, which include her six children, her philanthropic efforts as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, and of course, her relationship with the devastatingly handsome Brad Pitt.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Angelina on Brad:
“Well, he’s a handsome man. No, I think he’s an extremely sexy—extremely handsome and the most sexy. . . . When I think about him, I just think of the man who’s such a great friend and such an extraordinary father. And that’s when I fall, you know, when I have my moments of getting—whoarr!—caught up in how much I love him . . . it’s usually when I see him with the children.”

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On her mostly black wardrobe:
“I like to get up so every pair of pants goes with every top, every dress goes with every shoe. I’ve a very tiny closet. Brad’s always laughing at me. Some days, yes, I have the nightgown that looks like a dress that I can sleep in and pick the kids up at school. And maybe take a meeting if I switch into heels.”

On her large family:
“How you build your family—you have to know what you’re capable of handling and how your children will relate to each other. Maybe if you have one child and that child has a lot of needs, you realize you cannot give more attention to another. Sometimes you just know as a parent. We felt we could handle more children, and we have a very happy, very full home.”

On her daughter, Shiloh:
“Shiloh found a dead bird, so she came in and said, ‘Can I have a dead pet?’ And I’m . . . ‘Uh-uh, I don’t think it’s healthy, honey. I think they have to put him in a box,’ and I had to run out to find, like, a taxidermy bird. I just worked it out for her.”

To read the full interview, click here. The December issue of Vogue, including Angelina’s photoshoot, hits newsstands November 23rd.

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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