Ann Coulter, Queen of Controversy

ann coulter is causing controversy more now than ever!

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Ann Coulter, Queen of Controversy

Yes, she’s at it again!

-Myrna Blyth

ann coulterAnn Coulter, queen of controversy, is at it again. The blond, leggy, conservative superstar was supposed to launch the media tour for her new book Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America on the Today show. Today usually books blockbuster authors; and Coulter, it has been reported, was given the largest advance a conservative writer has ever received for this book. But at practically the last minute Coulter was cancelled. Today explained it was because of “breaking news.” Yet the show included an interview with Perez Hilton, the show biz reporter who runs a popular celebrity website and also has a new book out this week. Hilton, no fan of Coulter, has offered $1,000 to anyone who would throw a pie at Coulter.

I spoke with Ann Coulter just before she started her media tour. In Guilty, she is back to her usual -often very funny – liberal bashing; she believes that liberals always claim they are “victims,” especially of the Republican Attack Machine. But, she contends, rather, they, with the help of a very biased media, are the real victimizers. She told me, “I didn’t want to write so much about the media, but I couldn’t help it … I just had to point out their dirty little tricks.” She says, “There is only one attack machine and it is the mainstream media. After someone reads my book they will be able to hoot down the idea of a Republican Attack Machine.”

Obviously, Today‘s abrupt canceling of her appearance does seem to smack of the same kind of bias she complains about throughout her book. There have even been reports that a top NBC executive commented “We are not that interested in someone who is that critical of President-elect Obama.” No doubt Today‘s actions will give the always outspoken writer plenty to talk about during the countless interviews she will do to promote Guilty.

In the book, besides criticizing Obama, (she naturally calls him “Obambi”) for his relationship with Reverend Wright and William Ayres and for the down-and-dirty way he won his Illinois Senate seat, she also blasts Michelle Obama, JFK, John Kerry, John Edwards, and, of course, Bill Clinton. Though she points out the media turned on the “egomaniacal, lying horndog” after they found their new favorite Obama.

Who does she like? “I love Sarah Palin,” she told me. “Maybe she wasn’t ready to be President, but with McCain running she wasn’t going to get anywhere near being President.” She believes the press attacked her viciously and relentlessly. “It was all about class,” she says. Coulter thinks Palin has real potential for the future if she continues to be a good governor and “studies and learns more.” But she adds, “Palin has heart and soul, and that is so important and you can’t learn that from a book.”

But here, as Palin would say, is a “news flash.” Today has asked Coulter to be on the show on Wednesday morning. Will she go? Probably. Will the ratings spike? Absolutely. But no matter what happens, today and tomorrow, Coulter will keep creating controversy and selling books.

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  1. it’s funny that the same people that hold up the first amendment as the holy grail are the first to ban someone from speaking about the very thing the first amendment was created for! what a bunch of hypocrites they are at nbc. free speech as long as you say what they want to hear!

  2. that woman is a hate machine
    and any point she has gets lost in that
    i wouldnt be surprised if someday she gets ambushed by a mob of those “angry liberals”

  3. I’m with ugogirl! Ann Coulter has the courage to state her views instead of just parroting what others expect to hear, and the liberal media can’t stand it. Go Ann! We need to hear your side of the news, too!

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