Another Marriage Breaks Down in the Gore Family

Daughter Karenna is separated from her husband.

Another Marriage Breaks Down in the Gore Family

Daughter Karenna is separated from her husband.

-Jane Farrell

Drew Schiff and Karenna Gore Schiff

Karenna Gore Schiff, the daughter of Al and Tipper Gore, is separated from her husband, People magazine reported. The news of the split comes just one week after her parents made their own headline-making announcement about their marital separation.

The Schiffs, who have been married for twelve years, have three children: Wyatt, 10; Anna, 8; and Oscar, 3. A source told People that Drew Schiff, 44, and Karenna, 36, separated a few months ago and “are in marriage counseling.” Another source said the split was “amicable…They are not divorced.”

According to the People article, Al and Tipper Gore have been to the Schiff’s New York home to help Karenna with her children.

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A spokeswoman for Al Gore said there would be no comment from the Gores or the Schiffs. But the sources who spoke to People said they did so to head off any rumors about the families’ personal lives.

“People are looking for reasons and there’s a lot of psychoanalysis of the Gores,” said a friend of the Schiffs, according to People.

Drew Schiff is a medical doctor who works for a biotech investing company; his wife, a law-school graduate, is collaborating on a documentary about inspirational women in history. She also volunteers at a legal clinic that helps domestic-violence victims. (People)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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