Are Cocktails Making You Fat?

How alcohol and sugary mixers can be to blame for your bloat.
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Are Cocktails Making You Fat?

How alcohol and sugary mixers can be to blame for your bloat.

-Faye Brennan

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There are some truths in life that I never wanted to believe: that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real, that a guy “just wasn’t in to me,” and that Christian Louboutins will cost me one month’s rent. At first, these facts of life felt like a punch to the stomach. But over time, I gradually learned to accept them.

However, that’s not the case with this latest idea. To think that one of my favorite ways to reward myself each week for the hours I spend working, working out, and eating healthy is also the reason why I can’t lose weight is too much to bear! Yet, the evidence is clear that drinking alcohol is not only keeping those pesky pounds on, but it’s making me—and you, my fellow cocktail lovers—fatter.

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The worst part is, the fruity cocktails we love to order—cosmopolitans, mimosas, cranberry vodkas, and fruity shots—are our biggest enemies. Why? Because they are FULL of sugar, and sugar is fat culprit number one, according to Erin Huggins, a former bartender who’s now a nutritionist and the weight loss success coach behind

“A sudden rush of sugar into the blood stream can give you a quick jolt of energy,” writes Huggins on her site. “But, it triggers a hormone response that wreaks havoc on your metabolism and eventually impairs your body’s ability to absorb nutrition properly, maintain and/or lose weight.”

So, not only are we consuming calories from the alcohol we’re drinking, but we’re doubling or tripling that amount once we add mixers or simple syrups, and all that sugar is counterintuitive to what we’re doing at the gym. Did I just hear all the vodka lovers wince?

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