Is Your Man Cheating…Or Are They Really 'Just Friends?'

Your man has a lot of female this a problem?
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Is Your Man Cheating…Or Are They Really ‘Just Friends?’

Your man has a lot of female friends…is this a problem?

-Julia Austin

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So you’re worried that your boyfriend is more than just friends with one of his female friends. What do you do? Ever heard of the show “Cheaters”? They can help. I’ll give you their number: 1-800-STOP BEING PARANOID.

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It’s not about finding out if your guy is cheating on you. This is something you could find out pretty easily by stealing his passwords, checking his Facebook, reading his emails—you know, going crazy. And if you do suspect your boyfriend has philandering tendencies, you probably shouldn’t be with him in the first place.

Not to discredit your suspicions, but before you go deleting the phone numbers of all your boyfriend’s female friends, ask yourself this question: is he making you happy? Oftentimes women project their own insecurities onto their boyfriends. Trust me, I’ve done it. I’ve picked many a fight just because I was feeling a little fat that day, and left my poor guy sitting in the corner trying to figure out what he did wrong.  

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