Are You Ever Going to Be a Mom?

That could depend on how early you lost your virginity.

Are You Ever Going to Be a Mom?

That could depend on how early you lost your virginity.

-Jane Farrell

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Getting pregnant isn’t all about physical factors. Whether or not you end up a mom-to-be also depends on social characteristics, too, like whether you smoke, went to college or have gone out with an older guy, according to various studies.

The results of various studies, reported on The Daily Beast, include the finding that if you’re a teenage girl who lost your virginity before age 15, there’s a 46 percent chance you’ll be pregnant before you’re 20. Older boyfriends are bad news, too: Girls between ages 15 and 17 who have a sexual partner six or more years their senior are four times more likely to get pregnant than girls the same age whose partner is older by two years or less. Harvard University obstetrics professor Alice Domar says that might be because older men expect sex more than younger guys, and because of the age difference, the relationship is “inherently controlling.” (Not to mention illegal according to statutory-rape laws.)

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And it’s not a good idea to even start smoking if you want to conceive someday. “Smoking ages your eggs,” Domar told The Daily Beast. “A 25-year-old smoker is as fertile as a 35-year-old nonsmoker—and in fertility terms, 10 years is like death. People think that if they quit smoking, they can turn around and get pregnant right away.”

Some of the studies’ other findings: If you live in Utah, you’re two times likelier to conceive than if you’re a New Hampshire resident. Religion has a big place in Utah life, and Lisa Marie Jordan, a professor at Florida State University, writes that religion is a “deterrent to fertility decline” not only in Utah but around the world. Other obvious conclusions reported on the website show that women with a college degree have a 24 percent chance of never having a kid, while women who never finished high school have just a 15 percent chance of never getting pregnant. (The Daily Beast)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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