Are You That Annoying Person? Tech Etiquette Time!

When did the world become one big living room? Mister Manners Thomas Farley to the rescue!
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Are You That Annoying Person? Tech Etiquette Time!

When did the world become one big living room? Mister Manners Thomas Farley to the rescue!

-Harvey Helms

woman cell phone

Okay girls! Fasten your seat belts!  I’ve got a big gay bee in my Alexander McQueen bonnet! When did the world become one big living room? I’m in an airport trying to relax before getting on a plane.  I have my favorite magazines and Smart Water ready for my 5-hour flight. I decide to start with Allure magazine to get my beauty fix prior to boarding.  I lean back, take a big breath and open the magazine to see what editor Linda Wells is telling me I can’t live without. Love Linda!  I’ve never missed a single issue of Allure.

Harvey HelmsAll of the sudden I look up and see this woman walking down the concourse screaming into her cell phone. I roll my eyes and then go back to my relaxing magazine. Her voice is getting louder and closer. And closer. Yes, Miss Big Mouth decides that the seat beside me is where she’ll continue screaming into her cell phone. She also has so many TUMI carry on bags that she could open up her own luggage shop right where we’re sitting. 

Still screaming as she sits, she bangs me with two of those bags.  She doesn’t say, “Excuse me,” so I shoot her a look that says, “Queen, don’t step on my last nerve and interrupt my Allure time!” 

She’s oblivious.  I think she’s yelling at her husband because I hear, “THE KIDS”…”VAGINAL DRYNESS”… “YOUR MOTHER!” 

This might as well be her living room at home.

Technology has removed so many barriers to communicating with the world. That’s great! Unfortunately, it has also done away with certain respectful boundaries and manners that keep us civilized. What to do? I know! I’ll call Thomas Farley! Mister Manners himself. His book, Modern Manners: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Social Graces, is a must-have in navigating today’s ultra expressive social media world. Get the book!

Modern Manners

Thomas is beyond fabulous!  He was originally the creator and editor of Town & Country Magazine’s column “Social Graces” which grew into his best seller Modern Manners.  He’s also the founder and producer of New York Insider TV.  His take on people, special events and current issues keeps me in the know!  If it’s happening, Thomas knows about it and keeps us up to date. 

I also give him the “Best TV Hair Award!” …

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0 thoughts on “Are You That Annoying Person? Tech Etiquette Time!

  1. You are so dead on with this tech etiquette
    article Harvey! I was recently in a Nordstrom
    picking up some PRODUCT… I witnessed a
    husband and wife team-BOTH on their cell phones-pushing a three passenger stroller
    with 3 little ones running amok nearby.
    I was thinking MAYBE if you had just talked on your Blackberry’s INSTEAD of breeding like bunnies-I wouldn’t be shaking this toddler off my leg in order to get to the
    Chanel counter and score my Sublimage sample!

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