Around The World With Only A Carry On: My Adventure Wardrobe

On her global adventure, Sacha packed a tight wardrobe with only 5 pairs of shoes!
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Around The World With Only A Carry On: My Adventure Wardrobe

Sacha packed light with only 5 pairs of shoes!

-Sacha Cicero


As I prepared for my three-month trip around the world, I eagerly researched how well-traveled people like flight attendants, backpackers and travel writers packed. What were their “must-have” items? What was necessary and what I should leave home.

I came across dozens upon dozens of tips and tricks. Roll your clothes, choose a color scheme and stick with it. Leave home items that mark you as a tourist -shorts were the  most common example. The only issue with the information I found, was that most of it was focused on being lightweight and efficient. Style fell by the wayside. If it were up to the travel experts, I’d be wearing a windbreaker, convertible pants-to-shorts, flip flops and a rape whistle to everything from site seeing to the opera.

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For my trip, I did want to travel lightweight and be efficient, but also look “somewhat” stylish at the same time. In order to accomplish this goal and fit everything into one bag, every piece I picked had to work hard. Flexibility, versatility, endurance -I started to think of this as a sport and in order to win, I had to have the very best players and a winning game plan. One of my strategies was to roll up all the clothes and put them in clear zip lock bags. This would keep them wrinkle free, organized and easy to find in a rush.

Read on for Sacha’s list of goodies and how she packed them.

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  1. Three months, and you didn’t take a single pair of sneakers? I take two different pairs with me even for week-long trips! Plus I bring athletic/casual walking sandals instead of flip-flops. Yes, my luggage is heavier, but that’s a small price to pay for more comfortable feet. (Of course, I have a chronic pain disorder, so comfort & pain reduction are my number one priorities at all times!) Can’t wait to hear more about your around-the-world trip.

  2. Hi All! It’s Sacha tuning in from Madrid. It’s true, My shoe choices are slim pickings and I opted to leave the sneakers home, but the good news is all is working well so far. Lots of walking and no blisters or sore feet, back, etc. I’ll keep you posted though. Thanks for reading. Adios!

  3. Hey Sach – great article. That LBB looks awesome! I want one. Seems like you managed to get a lot of stuff in there. I would not have brought sneakers either :) Can’t wait to hear more. xo

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