Aruna Seth Designs "Shoes Women Can Invest in and Treasure Forever"

his talented shoe designer dishes on royal fans and what should be at the top of our holiday heels list.

Aruna Seth Designs “Shoes Women Can Invest in and Treasure Forever”

This talented shoe designer dishes on royal fans and what should be at the top of our holiday heels list.

– Diana Denza

aruna seth and pippa middleton

British designer Aruna Seth is serious about shoes: besides producing covet-worthy heels in über comfy styles (a feat in itself), her creations have been spotted on everyone from Carrie Underwood to Pippa Middleton! And this talented gal’s latest collection, which is chock full of Swarovski crystal details, leopard print, and badass leather booties –will make your toes glam enough for any occasion.

Aruna chatted with us about her inspirations, the styles you should scoop up this holiday season, and who she wants to see step out in a pair of her shoes (hint: you’ve seen this royal’s face covering countless gossip mags and style blogs).

How would you describe your line?

The Aruna Seth line can be described as high-quality classic and glam-factor shoes. These are shoes women can invest in and treasure forever. My main goal is to build a brand that stands the test of time. I’d love for women to be wearing Aruna Seth shoes 30 years from now.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Creativity to me is drawing inspiration from my surroundings and my travels and using those influences to create shoes that fulfill a fantasy, but are also wearable and satisfy a need from the consumer. The new collection has several styles that have a very strong fashion edge like our new booties and shoe-boots. We’ve also added some designs with bold colorways due to demand, especially for the ladies in the U.S. who are now embracing footwear that really make their outfits pop.

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We know your line features a variety of designs, but butterfly accents seem to be particularly prominent in your collections. What’s the story behind that?

The inspiration for the butterfly shoe actually came from a pair of pretty Ferragamo shoes decorated in butterflies my mother owned when I was about four. We originally designed one style with the crystal butterfly, and it instantly became a best-seller. So, in response to that demand, we’ve developed that shoe into five different heel heights and fabrics- from leathers and satin, and numerous colorways. Coincidentally, there are quite a few brides who choose to have a butterfly or nature theme for their wedding day, so this undoubtedly has added to the success of our butterfly-embellished shoes, and now our butterfly-embellished clutches as well.

Your shoes exude luxury. Can you tell us a little about the amount of work that goes into making each pair and the types of materials you use?

Our shoes are super luxurious. A great amount of craftsmanship is put into each shoe and they’re made with lots of love and care. We choose the finest quality materials and we will search the world for the best; for example the sole of the shoe is the softest leather you can find and our satins are a thick-cut. First the design starts with a drawing, and then we correspond with the factory on making a sample of the shoe which may undergo numerous changes to make sure the final finish of the shoe is perfect. Once the final design is signed off the shoes are handmade in our Italian factory by a team of close knit craftsmen with generations of shoemaking experience. I travel to Italy every three weeks to oversee the design process.

aruna seth shoes

Each of your shoes is designed with comfort in mind –even the heels. How do you manage that?

We differentiate ourselves from other designer brands as our IP is comfortable shoes. Our aim is to make wow-factor shoes that are comfortable enough for extended wear. All of our shoes contain an inner sock specifically designed with a plush leather cushioned padding providing ‘cashmere-like comfort’ for feet. Goldie Hawn can vouch for us, she wore our Cinderella shoes covered in 3,000 crystals to a film premiere and said “The minute I put them on I did not want to take them off. They were so comfortable… and for evening shoes that’s saying a lot”.

Everyone from the royals to socialites to celebrities wear your creations. How does that feel?

One of our mottos here at Aruna Seth has always been ‘shoes fit for a Princess.’ It feels fantastic to see real-life Princesses such as Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson wearing our designs to high-profile events such as Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball. Pippa wore our silver Lynn sandal (which is a silver leather strappy sandal touched with Swarovski crystals and a crystal butterfly) with her green Temperley dress to the evening reception of the Royal Wedding. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have so many Royals wearing our shoes this year, especially to an occasion as historic as the Royal Wedding.

princess beatrice and aruna seth

pippa and aruna seth

Which famous woman (or women) would you like to see wear your shoes and why?

My ultimate aim would be to see Kate Middleton wearing a pair of our shoes. Kate is doing a tremendous job of looking superbly classic and hasn’t made any fashion missteps yet. She is also quite graciously upholding her responsibility of supporting UK designers, which is so important to British designers like myself. In the US, we’d love to see a few more celebrities wearing our designs on the red carpet such as Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and Eva Longoria. (Ed note: Sara Rue and Nikki Reed both wore Aruna Seth when they got married).

sara rue wedding day

We know the holidays are coming up–how can women pick the perfect pair of shoes to go with their holiday wardrobes?

The holidays provide a great excuse for a new pair of boots and also the extravagance of investing in a pair of shoes that will stand out at all those holiday parties. I’d suggest treating yourself to our new platform booties embellished with a touch of diamante and a bold pair of heels such as our red satin Farfalla butterfly shoes accented with our signature Swarovski crystal butterfly.

aruna seth bootie anuna seth farfalla butterfyl heel

If a woman were only to buy one shoe from your line, which would you recommend and why?

I’d recommend our signature cerise wedges (ed note, Sophia Bush is wearing them in the below photo) which has a strip of Swarovski crystals adorning the back of the heel. The wedge profile is extremely comfortable to wear and the shoes are a stunning art-like master piece. Girls have literally chased me down the street when I’m wearing those shoes to find out where I bought them!

sophia bush in aruna seth cerise wedges

There are a lot of male designers in your field. What’s it like to be a female designer in a male-dominated field?

Being a women’s shoe designer is of course advantageous since I can wear the shoes I design and test them out myself, in addition to listening to feedback from my clients. But other than that, I don’t really focus on the other designers themselves – male or female, my attention is really just on the shoes!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential., 

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